Strategic Onboarding Manages New Manager Transitions

When most people think of onboarding, they think of new hires and getting them started on the employee journey. But what about the many other events that happen during an employee’s life cycle?


Go Beyond the new hire experience

Align every employee with the business strategy and drive better business outcomes.

Transfers / Promotions

Align new role to organizational goals, connect to team, provide guidance on leveraging multi-directional feedback.

Mergers / Acquisitions / Reorgs

Communicate transitions, align teams and goals and clarify expectations.

Offboarding / Exiting Interviews

Transfer of knowledge, give and receive feedback, wrap up and transfer projects.

The same processes and technology used for onboarding can also help you take care of:

  • Transfers—help your employee quickly learn about the new office, the new team, geography and even transportation.
  • Promotions—provide the policies and procedures of the new role and automatically alerting IT or office personnel to order services.
  • Mergers and acquisitions—introduce culture and policies, provide a channel for questions and get agreements electronically signed.
  • Offboarding—show departing employees that you truly value them by providing information, as well as kick off internal exit processes.

You can keep everything in one centralized location that will save you time and notify your managers of progress. The employee lifecycle starts with onboarding, but it doesn’t stop there.


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