Strategic Onboarding for the Automotive Industry

Innovation moves fast. How do you focus and engage such a diverse global workforce to power the automotive industry? Start from “yes,” when the candidate makes the first step to join your team. How do you turn that candidate into a productive, committed, engaged employee who understands your business and how they fit into those goals? They’re on the front line to deliver to your customers an outstanding driving experience.


Strategic Onboarding for Auto Makers, Auto Parts Manufacturers

To ensure that driving experience, your workforce needs to be focused on the details. And that’s what makes a good onboarding solution for your entire workforce, executive, those covered under collective bargaining, contractors, outsourcers, IT, artificial intelligence and designers across the world.

A strategic onboarding, that sets the stage from day one, now ranks as a critical need to manage that diversity for automotive companies.  It’s the clear path to getting everyone on the same page with the company mission and creating a personal experience for each new hire that connects them to business goals.

These resources offer great tips to build an onboarding program for today’s workforce.

Onboarding—Make It Personal
Employees have different needs and even experience different learning stages when joining a company.  When you provide information and training at the right time and place, it sticks and has a bigger impact.  For ideas, here’s a webinar that can help: The Importance of Personalizing the Onboarding Experience.

Fresh Ideas for Your Onboarding Program
Today’s workforce is diverse, global and savvy.  To be effectively, your onboarding program needs to be more than a checklist.  You need to guide the new hire journey, creating connections to the brand, the mission and business goals like service levels. 

The Best Journeys Have a Map
Letting new hires wing it can cause bad will and won’t achieve results. What happens in the first year matters and leaves an important impression. Developing a detailed journey using an onboarding checklist map offers a great jumpstart to plan an awesome new hire experience.  View the Ultimate Employee Onboarding Checklist.

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Help New Hires Face Their Firsts
It’s not easy to learn the company culture. What will the first meeting be like? How should a mistake be handled? What’s the best way to share an idea?  This eBook will help you coach your new team with specific examples and tips: The Big Book of Firsts.

How to Find the Best Fit Onboarding Technology
Onboarding today should deliver in 3 key areas.  Is it exciting and engaging?  Does it offer a personalized experience?  Does it help simplify processes?  This great webinar can help you find a solution to meet that criteria: Choosing the Right Onboarding System for Your Organization.

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