Employee Engagement and Strategic Onboarding for Airlines

Airlines today face a constant swirl of changes and challenges, including security, high fuel prices, congestion, technology lags, labor relations, pilot shortages and more.

Despite these moving targets, one driving force remains in the spotlight for success: taking care of customers. And that’s not easy with today’s airline consumers, who have high standards for service and can quickly click a button on their mobile phone to express dissatisfaction. Instant consumer reviews and feedback lead to embarrassment and exposure in the way your brand and the employees who represent your brand appear.

That’s why it’s critical to inspire outstanding customer service from day one with an engaging, dynamic strategic onboarding program. Great service and passenger safety earn you more business. All of that starts with a motivated and prepared team.

Here’s everything you need to create a personal new hire journey designed to capture employee minds and hearts so your organization can deliver on the service promise.

Create a Wow New Hire Journey

It’s important to engage new hires from the minute they accept the offer. You need to guide their new hire journey, creating connections to the brand, the mission and business goals like service levels. Eliminate that period of radio silence and immediately have your new hires clicking for more content. For ideas, check out the Ultimate Guide to Onboarding. It’s loaded with practical tips, checklists and case studies.

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Help New Hires Face Their Firsts

It’s not easy to learn the company culture. What will the first training class be like? How will the management meeting go? How should a mistake be handled? What’s the best way to share an idea? Each instance may differ for the role or employee type. You want to be able to individualize and personalize that first year of firsts. This eBook will help you coach your new team with specific examples and tips: New Hire Firsts.

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Map Out the New Hire Journey

When a job applicant accepts a position, the first steps matter and leave an important impression. This onboarding checklist maps out a detailed journey and offers a great jump start to plan an awesome new hire experience. View the Ultimate Employee Onboarding Checklist.

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Selecting the Best Strategic Onboarding Solution

To meet today’s new hire expectations, your onboarding system should deliver in 3 key areas. Is it exciting and engaging? Does it offer a personalized experience? Does it help simplify processes? This webinar offers a deep dive: Choosing the Right Onboarding System for Your Organization.

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Those with automated onboarding see remarketing improvement in key business drivers like revenue and performance, market penetration, customer satisfaction, employee engagement and customer retention.


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