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Do Onboarding Right. People Take it Personally.
Personalize talent journeys to activate people and keep them on board

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People want to belong. Engage your employees from initial onboarding with talent management software that activates and connects employees to a team, your culture, and their goals. Talent Activation starts with onboarding the right way. It seals the deal on the hiring experience and keeps on doing it through every transition by reinforcing positive behaviors and growth with ongoing feedback and continuous learning. Talent Activation lets you win the war for retention.


Candidate Experience Recruiting

Candidate Experience

Target and convert top talent through the best sources with talent management software in a mobile experience. Tell a compelling story to capture interest and activate candidates to your employer brand.

New Hire Experience Onboarding

New Hire Experience

Activate and socialize new hires by delivering the right content at the right time. SilkRoad talent management software provides a personalized experience that is customized from job location and role to where and when people need it the most. Introduce employees to new team members, project responsibilities and organizational leaders. Set goals, give feedback and conduct check-ins to keep your talent activated. With SilkRoad software you can roll up the process by surveying new hires on the entire onboarding experience. Finish off by analyzing, reporting and perfecting the process.

Transitional Experience Watch Video

Transitional Experiences

Activated people continue to evolve, grow and move along their own trajectory—or personalized journey—through new roles, or projects, promotions, transfers to other offices or regions, retirement, and even exits to an alumni program. Personalize the learning and feedback to support their journeys with the right talent management software from our team of experts at SilkRoad.

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Continual Performance Experiences

Continual Performance Experiences

Create a culture of conversation where your people manage their own developmental journeys. Engage employees with ongoing feedback from managers or peers, check-ins, and coaching opportunities. Personalize development with targeted learning to build skills and experience with the support of SilkRoad’s talent management software.

Customized Learning Experience

Customized Learning Experience

Deliver personalized learning at the right time to fill identified gaps where and when people want to learn. Engage people with discrete content and interactivity that reinforces performance objectives to activate and accelerate their talent journeys.


World-class onboarding goes well beyond completing new hire forms and I-9s. Forms don’t engage employees. Forms don’t activate your new hires to become affiliated with your culture and your corporate goals. Forms do not help you retain your talent. Good onboarding does.

Doing onboarding right means onboarding to keep talent on board. World-class onboarding covers the new employee journey from pre-boarding (before the offer letter), offer letter customization and delivery, new hire experience for first 30, 60, 90 days, and through early career development and that first year of “firsts” with new employee and manager.

Delivering a great employee experience starts with onboarding new hires effectively. Good onboarding has been proven to improve customer service, productivity, competitive agility and profitability. Which is why top performing companies use SilkRoad, a strategic onboarding framework that continuously activates people throughout their employment journey, from candidate to new hire and through all the transitions that follow. Any vendor can track forms and tasks, but great onboarding goes beyond. Silkroad offers customizable workflows, new hire and manager surveys, personalized learning delivery and more to keep your talent connected to business goals even before Day One so they stay on board longer. Moreover, it’s easy to use and integrates with your existing HR system.

Engage People. Keep Them On Board.

Find out how SilkRoad Talent Activation can help you go beyond traditional talent management technology to deliver personalized experiences that engage people, retain them, and activate them to deliver better business outcomes.

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