Personalize Performance Management

Create a culture of continuous feedback, goal-setting, and appraisal for every employee journey

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Maximize Performance

Connect people to team and business goals regularly

Foster a Feedback Culture

Where people feel free to ask for and share feedback

Connect Employees to Outcomes

Deliver personalized ad hoc performance conversations

Understand Impact

Analyze and assess the impact of performance on the business

Empower employees to own their performance – from frequent checkins, feedback, and goal setting – with their managers. Closely connect employees to team and organizational goals. Today’s employees want more frequent, feedback clearly aligned to goals.

SilkRoad Performance Management goes beyond traditional performance management to activate employee performance with Check-ins, Goals, and Review apps that provide ongoing engagement, maximize productivity and align with corporate objectives. From peer-to-peer and employee-to-manager, people engage and connect more often to personal, team and organizational goals.

Foster a Culture of Continuous Feedback and Engagement

Provide more frequent, real-time feedback clearly aligned to expectations. Easily schedule check-in meetings to discuss goals, expectations and performance.

Connect Employees to Objectives and Strategies

Provide clear visibility and alignment between individual and business goals. Align individual, department and corporate-level goals.

Create Meaningful Performance Management Experiences

Replace complex processes with user-friendly tools, accessible on any device. Build reviews quickly with a simple step-by-step wizards and tools.

Create a Personalized, Collaborative Work Culture

Empower employees to give, receive and request feedback from their peers. Built-in tools integrate peer contributions into the review process.

SilkRoad Performance Analytics

Gain Real Insight—Performance to Business Outcomes

Enable managers to make more informed decisions about work direction and business objectives. Measure employee engagement and alignment with powerful dashboards and analytics.

… the reviews have been the most productive that I have been a part of in my career. The simple and easy-to-use format kept the emphasis on the conversation versus forms and ratings. This encouraged open and honest discussion instead of spending time reviewing checklists, ratings, and forms. This enhanced the openness and productivity of the review cycle.
— Avid Solutions

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Personalize Performance and Development

Empower employee performance with simple but powerful tools for performance feedback.

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