Personalize Learning to Support Talent Journeys

Deliver personalized learning where, when, how employees want

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Personalize Learning

Employees access content, track progress and learn from peers informally when, where, how they want

Go Mobile

Put learning in the device of choice, make learning immediately accessible, whether people are on the go or at their desks.

Reduce Compliance Risk

Monitor compliance, ensure consistency, assign appropriate learning, assess mastery and approve plans.

Lower Training Costs

Create and manage training events of all types; including instructor-led, on-the job, virtual classroom and practical skill checks.

Centralize, deliver, track and personalize employee education and learning with total mobility and complete visibility into compliance and collaboration.

Talent Activation relies on creating a culture where engagement and learning and performance combine into experiences all along the employment journey. Go beyond a silo’d approach to learning. Incorporate learning into a strategic onboarding journey, which delivers the right education, skill enhancement or certification reminder at the right time, whether as part of a check-in or appraisal or as part of a transition or promotion.

Offer One-Stop Convenience: Employee Learning Portal

Offer every employee a personal learning portal to develop new skills, launch courses, enroll, view learning plans, and connect with peers in a branded learning center.

Build Your Learning Library Quickly and Easily

Build your learning library the way you want, from basic to more advanced offerings. Access them whenever you want. Manage learning content easily. See your course catalog bundles immediately.

Measure Skill Levels in the Field

When learning assessments happen in the field post training, use the mobile-friendly checklist features to validate how well an employee follows predefined processes or procedures. Check off required skills and level of competence for processes such as medical protocols, engineering procedures, installation guides, etc.

In-Class & Online Team Enrollments

Let supervisors manage team enrollments for one or more team members easily. View status, enroll or cancel.

Charts and Graphs

Reporting & Analytics

Measure how learning impacts engagement and talent activation. Measure the overall compliance picture of your organization. Instantly access dashboards from the Talent Center.

Alaska Airlines has implemented a ground-breaking distance learning program that meets our anytime, anywhere needs for full personalization.
– Alaska Airlines

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