SilkRoad for Offboarding

Handle Employee Exits Quickly, Easily, Consistently

As with onboarding, being able to perform employee offboarding responsibly and consistently can make all the difference at a crucial transition point.

Right now you are probably spending more time managing employee exits than you do onboarding new hires. The paperwork, the compliance, making sure you receive timely signatures and acknowledgements. SilkRoad for Employee Offboarding saves you time and protects your organization. Bad employee separations can result in lost productivity, intellectual and physical property loss, and additional processing costs. Plus, poor offboarding often leads to poor ratings on Glassdoor and other crowd-sourced reviews about employers. Like the new hire onboarding experience, the offboarding process offers an opportunity to demonstrate the key attributes of your employment culture and brand. As the market becomes more competitive, every aspect of employee engagement needs to reflect the best of your organization. This becomes a strong part of the end-to-end employee engagement from new hire to departure. Ensuring that the offboarding process goes smoothly, quickly and without confusion makes the departing employee feel professional and that the process was as efficient as possible.

Complete Visibility

SilkRoad for Offboarding is a customized portal that puts ongoing tasks and activities in one place. This portal can be accessed even after the employee’s last day, without the need to access other company systems. The portal can be a means of showing your employees that you’ve valued their employment and desire to make their separation as easy and comfortable as possible. And you can track it all with an interactive dashboard that gives you visibility into the status of tasks done on behalf of the departing employee.

3 Ways to Manage the Offboarding Process

What can you do to ensure a positive offboarding process in your organization? Below are a few simple steps to get you started:

  • Support Your Employees
    1. In any separation, it’s critical to the morale of the departing employee, as well as the entire workforce, that the process is fair and careful. Direct communication with the departing employee works. A thank you message along with information on benefits or retirement funding will mitigate stress and help maintain amicable relationships. Automate all paperwork involved and ensure that employees understand the next step after termination of benefits.

Keep it Cordial Plan

  • Retain Crucial Knowledge and Costs
    1. Poor employee offboarding can lead to the loss of invaluable key company knowledge, supplies or equipment. An example of such loss is the failure to revoke access to internal and external systems, or mistakenly continued benefits after separation, the consequences of which can be devastating. Like onboarding, a process guided by automation and activity checklists ensures that nothing is forgotten.

  • Protect Yourself
    1. A consistent, documented and organized employee offboarding process reduces the risk of lawsuits and loss of private company information. Paperless workflows reduce costs by offboarding employees quickly and reducing administration errors or last minute forgotten tasks. The easy eForms capability means you can design the right form for the right process. Set up processes that ensure:

▪ Revocation of system access
▪ Return of company assets (cell phone, laptop, car, etc.)
▪ Cancellation of employee credit cards
▪ Triggering of succession plan to fill vacated positions

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Handle employee offboarding quickly, easily and consistently.

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