Strategic World-Class Onboarding Keeps People On Board

Seal the deal for candidates and retain your people with personalized experiences
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Engage Before Day One

Engage and activate with personalized talent journeys

Lower Costs, Save Time

Eliminate manual process and cost with workflow automation

Connect People to Goals

Transform onboarding into a goal-driven, branded experience

Comply, Assess

Dashboards assess how onboarding impacts goals

Go beyond simple paperwork automation and i9 compliance. Onboarding is more than a one-off experience. Talent Activation actually begins with onboarding. When you onboard-to-retain, you connect and engage new employees from the minute they accept an offer and extend it beyond the first week, first month, even the first year.

SilkRoad makes it easy to create a personalized onboarding experience—even a global multi-regional one—that’s consistent across your organization but highly personalized to a job, role, team and location. So all new hires are ready to work. And employees, contractors, part-timers, contingent workers, and others in your modern workforce are activated to performance, productivity and goals.

SilkRoad enables us to establish a measurable baseline of new hire success, while creating meaningful journeys in local languages to support our mission as a global company.
– General Electric

Personalize and Brand New Employee Experiences

Fully engage new hires in your brand so they assimilate into their roles from the moment they say "yes." Serve the most applicable branded content and education at the right time automatically in bite-size pieces, specific to your brand, culture, and business.

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Fully Engage Your Modern Workforce

Today’s modern workforce is not one size fits all. That’s why your onboarding system needs to address more than the first few week and just one type of worker in one location. It needs to provide consistent onboarding for all locations and every type of worker – part-time, seasonal, intern, contractors or contingent workers. Everyone needs to be productive and engage with your goals.

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Go Mobile, Be Global from One System

Easily scale a consistent, branded onboarding experience across departments, states, regions, countries or languages – yet stay personal. Targeted workflows, configurable by geography, language and division. Transform the onboarding process into a strategic, branded enterprise experience while keeping all the localization almost one to one.

Eliminate Manual Tasks Forever

Targeted personalized workflows provide the right content to the right people automatically so the right tasks, forms, or materials, including i-9 verification happen seamlessly.

Go Beyond Week One - Onboarding to Retain People

Create a single, fluid and personalized experience that engages a complex, modern workforce and impacts business results. All from a single platform, branded and personalized. Measure with pulse surveys. Use their feedback to continuously improve the experience.

Know, Assess, Perfect to Retain Develop People

Empower yourself with data and analytics to help leadership understand how activated new hires drive company goals. Use the built in assessment pulse surveys to take a new hire temperature at any point in the process. Then use the data to perfect the experiences.

“Ensuring that new employees – regardless of location or position – know we can’t succeed without them, is vital to our culture. SilkRoad enables us to create meaningful moments.”
– Akin Gump | Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP

Key Resouces

2017 Strategic Onboarding Survey
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Once you have hired someone, getting them activated in the company is just as important as selecting the right candidate.

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Most new hires have a so-so first week. Automated onboarding transforms that process.

Onboarding / New Hire Experience | Whitepaper / Research

Most new hires have a so-so first week. Automated onboarding transforms that process. It rapidly engages and connects them to the life of the organization even before day one. Engagement leads to commitment. And commitment leads to success.

Who, How and Why of Onboarding | White Paper

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Onboarding / New Hire Experience | Whitepaper / Research

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Strategic Onboarding Journey Brochure
Your Roadmap to Creating an Employee Experience

Deliver personalized journeys for each employee. It all starts – and continues – with strategic onboarding.

Talent Activation | Brochures

People want to belong. They want to be engaged, activated and connected to a team, the culture, and their goals. Talent activation starts with getting onboarding right. Strategic Onboarding seals the deal on the hiring experience and keeps on doing it through every transition by reinforcing positive behaviors and growth with ongoing feedback and continuous learning. Talent activation lets you win the war for retention.

Engagement and Activation Begin with Onboarding. So Do It Right

Find out how talent activation begins with strategic onboarding. Doing onboarding right goes beyond one-off new hire form completion to deliver personalized experiences that help them fit in, grow and engage with your culture - from the moment they say "yes!"

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