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Customer Success, Support and Training
We provide a talent management system with services that support the talent experience and drive business goals

With nearly 2,000 customers across the globe, our support, training, consulting and services teams have learned a thing or two about creating a successful customer journey. And helping our customers craft and deliver awesome talent experiences.


The Transformation Journey

Define goals and processes

Build or grow “HR as a business”

Explore onboarding processes that technology can replace

× How We Work With You

When you work with SilkRoad you will have the advantage of leveraging thousands of hours of best practices, hands-on HR experience, and business process management and transformation to ensure your teams are empowered to lead.

An experienced and dedicated team has helped culture-focused companies of all sizes map their talent journeys in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance and banking, high technology, business services and consulting, manufacturing, hospitality and more.

  • “What do you need to accomplish?”
  • “What are your CEO’s goals?”
  • “Let’s define the experiences you want to deliver to your employees, your managers, your executives.”

These are the conversations we have with our customers from the very beginning of the relationship. We look for your “aha!” moment right up front and seek to help you understand how a great talent management system and focused talent activation and can transform your employee experience, strengthen retention strategies and help drive your organization forward. When your people feel they fit in, they want to stay. SilkRoad will help you seal the deal on your brand promise.

× Talent Management System Implementation & Customer Onboarding

Success is about ensuring that onboarding talent management systems ensure the right technology to deliver the experiences that keep your people engaged. Results matter.

As highly experienced HR practitioners, we bring our knowledge as Fortune 100 human resources leaders to provide best practices to optimize talent management technology. We’ve been in your shoes—ready to implement talent activation technology but unsure where to begin. With the know-how from hundreds of successful projects, we share the best path to create a powerful, inspiring experience that impacts business outcomes for the better.

During implementation of your talent management system, you’ll find trusted, knowledgeable experts to help make your project move quickly and seamlessly taking your employees from onboard to activate. Our dedicated team of implementation specialists bring their years of experience to your project, aligning SilkRoad technology with your people and processes to achieve your project goals.

× Talent Activation Strategic Services

SilkRoad’s Strategic Services team provides a powerful combination of expertise and passion for a high quality talent management experience. You gain a wealth of experience for every step of your talent initiatives. We take pride in our customer’s rave reviews of SilkRoad’s expert services, especially the commitment and energy they sense from the very first conversations.

When you partner with SilkRoad, you’ll work with our team of former HR practitioners who have invested thousands of hours with our customers in pre-sales and post-sales engagements, helping map a consistent talent management journey. Expect innovative thinking, an in-depth knowledge of SilkRoad onboarding and talent activation solutions, and the resources you need to ensure your business goals are met while engaging employees, building a culture, and driving the business while maintaining compliance. With our Talent Activation Strategic Services team, you will enjoy:

  • Complete partnership with a deep understanding of your team, processes and organization
  • Alignment with business goals
  • A direct partnership with a SilkRoad expert averaging 10 years of experience—no outsourcing
  • Balancing business with the emotion that drives employee internal passion
  • Full support for the culture you are creating

Let SilkRoad help you reach your destination, bringing your vision to life and fully activating your organization to achieve business results.

× Training and Education

Talent activation means delivering the best experiences possible to your people. SilkRoad’s talent management system aims to provide that experience but we don’t stop there. You will find that our trainers and educators have that passion to share best practice, expertise and bring your team to the next level. We help you become the talent activation expert in your organization.

SilkRoad talent activation training and education services help you get the most out of your investment. You will have access to extensive free training resources – more than 600 videos – that show you the why, how, and what, of our HR and talent management system’s features and functionality.

Go beyond our training resources and personalize your training with scheduled education courses online or in person. Take the journey to a new, modern way of thinking about engagement, retention and the role of HR in the organization.

Explore our training and education services to find business cases and exercises that take your SilkRoad investment to the next level.

Training and Education

× Customer Success and Support

From start to finish, our customer success and support teams work with you to ensure your talent activation solution is optimized for your organization and is helping you keep your investment aligned with your strategic business objectives.

SilkRoad Customer Success creates the ongoing experience that helps you see greater value faster with your SilkRoad talent activation solution. We provide a partnership to help you gain fluency with the talent management solution, understand where to go to learn more, find the right advice and access the usage analytics to help support your team and your organization.

This team focuses on:

  • Acting as your point of engagement for your SilkRoad experience
  • Providing effective, proactive customer relations
  • Pulling together the information or resources you need to be successful
  • Conducting periodic account reviews and assessments

× Managed Services: Dedicated Administrators

Have the vision for activating your organization, but challenged by time or bandwidth to make it all happen?

SilkRoad Dedicated Administrators (SDA) can accelerate your pace and help you deliver talent activation faster. An SDA works as a direct resource to manage your system and make updates based on your preferred schedule and custom plan. You’ll have access to an experienced HRIS expert who can optimize your SilkRoad talent management system solutions, including:

  • Managing system maintenance, configuration changes and release planning
  • Encouraging user adoption through education and user assistance
  • Managing daily administrative tasks, such as creation of e-forms and reports

× Community and Champions

When you join the SilkRoad customer family, you’re a part of an activated, worldwide community of 2,000 organizations who share best practices and industry experience.

Be part of a growing community of smart, engaged HR leaders and professionals. We designed and launched the leading-edge SilkRoad Community to be a fully interactive and dynamic portal where our customers can easily connect around products, training and learning, knowledge sharing and talent management support all in one spot.

The SilkRoad Champions Program is a great way for customers to share their knowledge and experience with other potential or current SilkRoad users. Take part in SilkRoad events, refer friends and colleagues, participate in reference calls, or contribute to public relations activities to earn points towards free passes to Connections, SilkRoad’s annual users conference.

Become a Champion

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The SilkRoad Talent Activation portfolio combines traditional Talent Management software with an employee-first focus that activates employees to business goals--from sourcing to offboarding.

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