Employee Engagement and Strategic Onboarding for Retailers

Helping traditional and online retailers onboard and retain a muti-talented, multi-skilled workforce

"Shifting focus to a younger tech-savvy audience, Levin Furniture now puts a strong emphasis on intuitive onboarding experiences, using ongoing learning engagement that aligns their workforce to company goals."
- Levin Furniture

As retail companies continue to compete for employees while maintaining profit margins, you need best practices and tools to help you create a successful, strategic talent management program. Here you’ll find  tips on finding and attracting top talent, onboarding processes, employee engagement, blended learning, social recruiting, and more.

Is Strategic Onboarding Right for Retailers?

Retail is a people business. From greeting customers at the door to ringing up a purchase, your employees have a huge impact on business success. A powerful talent management strategy and use of automation give you an edge as you complete for top talent – and customers. It helps you find employees and keep them motivated with great onboarding, strong engagement, and simpler processes. With the right people and technology in place, you can reduce turnover, save time, and refocus energy on growth.

The HR Challenges

Retail industries experience high turnover in the best of times, but the numbers fluctuate significantly during seasonal and economic swings. And it’s not just hourly, seasonal, and contingent personnel that are affected. Salaried staff feels the pain, too. The revolving door in retail is costly: both in time and in revenue lost. It also takes your HR department away from business initiatives that benefit the whole company. SilkRoad’s resource center will help you address these challenges with practical tips, efficiency ideas, and the latest research.  

How to Attract Talent: Retail’s Seasonal Hurdle

Companies share their most successful sourcing approaches in SilkRoad’s annual Top Sources of Hire.  Results? Internal sources produced more hires. Online recruitment efforts were vital. Discover the Top Sources of Hire in the full report.

Retailers: Ready to Recruit and Onboard Seasonal Workers and Multi-Generations?

Millennials have already changed the workplace, the next wave is retirees returning to take part in the economy. The first wave of this cohort has been on the job for a few years. They’re already poised to assume store management positions. Whether employees or managers, they communicate differently, want to level corporate ladders, and bring a fresh approach (theirs) to work.  These tech-savvy Millennials expect hiring, onboarding, learning, performance, and evaluation processes to be easy-to-use, online, and mobile.

How to Connect People to Business Success?

For the biggest impact, a company’s business strategy should be connected to its people strategy.  These signs can indicate a disconnect: no input into the HR budget, last minute staffing requests, not part of the merger conversation and more.

How Retailers Take Advantage of Mobile Recruiting

As you walk down the street or shop in a mall, you see a mobile device in almost every hand.  Mobile is a massive trend in life and it can be a tremendous recruiting force, especially with Millennials. If you haven’t started a mobile recruiting program, it’s time to get going. 

Training Your Workforce Consistently Across Multiple Store Locations

As retailers grow, HR and training groups face daunting challenges. How to provide the consistent level of training for every employee over a wide region or country or continent. Delivering in-person, group training means high costs, lost productivity, and time away from the store location and sales floor. Online training offers the answer. A branded cloud-based training portal makes it easy for employees to receive the training you want to provide, at the time and choosing of the employee. Retailer, Levin Furniture, saved significant training dollars and found employees were more engaged and motivated to continue training using a self-service training portal.
Levin Furniture case study.

How to Motivate Employees from Day One

With competition tight for retail employees, you also need to focus on retaining new hires.  Organizations that support and engage their employees from Day One, and on an ongoing basis, are proven to have higher rates of retention satisfaction, and productivity.

Energizing Performance Management and Evaluations:

Performance management in a retail environment is particularly challenging. With dispersed locations, employees, and managers, it’s difficult to bring a cohesive approach to this important process. Then there’s the challenge of energizing employees with feedback, not turning them into another turnover statistic. A performance management system can be exactly the breath of fresh air that your company needs.

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