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Providing management, engineering and construction operations for the oil and gas, refining, chemicals, pipeline, automation and other industrial companies worldwide.

Onboarding Result

Transformed 86 pieces of paper into 7 electronic forms


The Challenges

A division of international energy service company Wood, this Houston-headquartered business unit hires large numbers of remote employees for its pipeline and engineering operations. As hiring needs increased, they were also drowning in paper — requiring nearly 30 paper forms per hire, with copying and faxing often done from temporary offices in parking lots or the local office services store.

  • Extensive time and cost to manage paperwork needs
  • Excessive paperwork provided poor first impression of the company
  • Slow process of engaging new hires into corporate culture
  • Lack of internal expertise in system automation and best practices

The Results

Wood selected the powerful combination of SilkRoad Onboarding and the SilkRoad Expert Services team. While the goal was automation, the company also realized that they needed to align with industry best practices. An experienced consultant walked the team through the entire process, helped set up workflows aligned with policies and established a strong and scalable foundation. During implementation and after going live, Wood also benefited from a SilkRoad Dedicated Administrator (SDA) who worked on-site to quickly respond to new needs and changes.

  • Less paperwork, going from 86 paper forms to 7 electronic forms
  • Elimination of wasted time and duplicate effort from managers in remote offices
  • Engages employees early in core values and culture
  • Fast response to evolving needs through quarterly on-site visits by an SDA
  • Supports plan to hire 10,000 in upcoming months

“We needed someone to walk us through what we didn't know. A member of the SilkRoad Expert Services team sat in a conference room with us for three days to think through everything. We gained so much value from that deep industry experience."

– Tina Kutach, Global HR Systems Manager, Wood

Their Story

Strong, scalable foundation. An experienced SilkRoad consultant ensured optimal use of the system and full support of business needs.

Ease of implementation. With an SDA on site, initial implementation and ongoing changes move forward smoothly.

Ready for future updates. Multiple years after the original implementation, the onboarding portal has been expanded with video, surveys and other messaging.

First day makes a great impression. When big projects call for hiring from job fairs, parking lots and other out-of-office locations, the electronic process makes everything more appealing.

Millennials start off strong.
Their workspaces can now be ready on day one — computers, phones, everything — with minimal time needed for onboarding activities.

Business Impact

Eliminates manual paperwork
Automated procedures have been welcomed at all levels of management, and serve as a touchstone for other Wood business units.

Scales and exports effortlessly
The SilkRoad Expert Services team has helped Wood expand its system for multiple users and languages — now into Saudi Arabia and Spanish-speaking countries.

“By using Expert Services, we had recommendations on the right way to set up the process which helped us save time and experience results faster. If someone is implementing a system for the first time, I’d recommend getting that expert help.”

Favorite Discovery

“Implementing an onboarding solution was tied to our 10-year HR strategy of automation, streamlining processes and creating a great employee experience. 7 years later … the foundation we built is completely on track and we can extend and scale as needed.”

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