Unisys Strengthens New Hire Onboarding

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Global New Employee Onboarding Process Transformation


  • Standardized, global onboarding process
  • Automated task communication and tracking
  • Visibility into new hire progress for manager
  • Enhanced new hire experience
  • Best-in-class onboarding program


  • Time-consuming manual process
  • Burdensome on hiring manager
  • No clear owner or accountability
  • Confused new hires
  • Missing information and late support deliverables

“This was an excellent way to quickly determine the status of my employee in the onboarding process. I was able to … focus more time on any challenges they were facing … ”
Hiring Manager, Unisys

Global Employee Onboarding Challenges—Too Much, Too Fast

Unisys is a global information technology company of 20,000 employees that works with the world’s largest companies and government organizations to solve their most pressing IT and business challenges. The company hires over 4,000 new hires per year across the world, so the scope of their onboarding program includes multiple countries, multiple languages and multiple divisions. So a high-performing new hire onboarding program is essential.

“As we continued to grow, it became more apparent that our new hire training program needed to be restructured,” said Rebecca Moorhouse, onboarding global process owner, Unisys. “ It was like drinking water from a fire hose. New hires and managers were overwhelmed.”

The key challenges were no consistent processes and no automation. Each region or country followed a different program, which was mostly manual. Without an end-to-end view and cross-functional ownership, the hire-to-onboard experience was disconnected and slow. “There was no clear owner or accountability which led to confused new hires, over-burdened managers and missing information,” said Moorhouse. “It was delaying customer deliverables and revenue.”

Goodbye Fire Hose, Hello Onboarding Automation

To address these issues, the Unisys onboarding team created a new vision: a fast but effective program improving timing to productivity. To accomplish it, they focused on:

  • For the new hire—improve the experience
  • For the hiring manager—streamline and improve involvement
  • For the business—improve cycle time to productivity
  • For the company—reinforce culture and standardize compliance

After a discovery workshop and process mapping to define requirements, Unisys selected SilkRoad Onboarding (formerly RedCarpet®). “We already knew that SilkRoad was best in class for onboarding,” said Moorhouse. “When we mapped our requirements to the product features, we had a match.”

My onboarding experience was very successful! I was quite pleased with how organized everything was and I felt prepared for my first day of employment.
New Hire, Unisys

Flexibility for Multiple Country Needs

SilkRoad helped meet diverse global needs through multi-language support and the flexibility to adjust to different country requirements.

Robust, flexible task management and automated workflows were adapted throughout the world. “We had to do customized rollouts in several countries,” explained Moorhouse. In the United States, for example, we had to set up policies based on home and work location. Hungary required a pre-hire medical exam process and India has a 3-month wait before new hires can start. Flexibility is a key requirement for a global program.”

Unisys also focused on a strong and engaging first impression through SilkRoad’s dynamic new hire portal. “It was important to us that the new hire felt welcomed and supported from the start. We have a warm welcome from both the CEO and the regional leader,” said Moorhouse. “We also offer interesting information about the company, support team contacts and links to company social media.”

Results—a Best-in-Class Program

Unisys accomplished its program goals, including:

  • Reengineering the end-to-end onboarding process, including a standard onboarding checklist and new hire readiness on day one
  • More new hire contact prior to the start date through a new hire portal
  • Successfully implementing a multilingual Unisys-branded onboarding cloud solution

“Onboarding became automated, efficient and cost-effective,” said Moorhouse. “Everyone now works off the same page in a very complicated, global situation.”

The testimonials of those living the experience agree:

“The whole experience was great. The reminders help to keep my new hire and myself on track so we could move forward.” Hiring Manager

“I have not seen this level of onboarding quality or thoroughness from an employer in a long time.”
New Hire

These positive reviews say it all—a successful “welcome aboard” accomplished at Unisys.

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