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The Ultimate Guide has everything you need to know to transform applicant your hiring practices and tap into mobile, social, and other strategies. Recruiting the best talent requires continuous innovation while holding down costs. Make sure you have the complete roadmap!

The rewards of effective recruiting are clear. It brings top talent into your organization to drive business success. At the same time, the stakes are high. Current data shows that companies can spend $4,000 on average to recruit a new hire (see Appendix I). If an employee jumps ship, the turnover and total replacement costs have been estimated to run as high as 150 times annual salary for specialized senior level positions.

Stay Ahead- Optimize Traditional Recruiting, Create a Mobile Experience
As the competition for finding and keeping candidates becomes even tougher, you need a talent acquisition program that’s ahead of the game. That means exploring the complete array of choices available today, from optimizing a traditional ATS to creating an agile mobile recruiting experience.

Attract more top-choice candidates
When competing for quality candidates, an attractive career opportunity is only part of the picture. A cohesive, efficient recruiting process driven by technology helps create a positive first impression to engage top talent and differentiate the organization.

Improve fit
These days, find qualified candidates may be easy, but finding people who truly fit can be a lot tougher. With the right mix of strategy, tools, and processes, you’ll more consistently acquire best-fit talent.

Reduce time-to-hire
Each step in the recruiting process takes time. Data from your organization’s recruiting system can help you identify the best sources, process bottlenecks and reduce the time-to-hire.

Work more effectively as an HR team
A collaborative hiring approach that effectively shares information with the HR team will result in better candidate/job matching. Technology built to share that information, as well as streamline processes and strengthen reporting, keeps everyone on the same page
and reinforces HR’s contributions to the business.

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