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A Complete List to Create a Dynamic New Hire Onboarding Process

First impressions matter with your new hire. Good onboarding – not just forms completion – seals the promise you made during recruiting. When your candidate accepts the position, the next steps matter – from preboarding to new hire fulfillment to first months on the job and onward. You’ll want to get the “new hire” to “productive employee” fast. The onboarding process drives what new employees will share with others and influences whether they’ll decide to stay or go.

How can you ensure a positive first impression? How do you minimize the “quick quits” (those who decide to leave within the first 90 days)? It’s time for a strategic, formal employee onboarding program that provides a warm welcome, a detailed plan for helping the employee learn the basics and connect to the culture. Today’s onboarding technology can provide automated management of the whole process to eliminate the paper chase, the time, and the boredom of manual new hire processes.

To help you jumpstart your program, here’s a detailed checklist of the key elements to include in your onboarding process.

Engage the employee before day one

  • Send the electronic offer letter through a link to new hire portal to introduce the employee to the company
  • Share the company mission, values and other key information through new hire portal
  • Send a personalized, helpful company welcome with day one start time, parking information, office location and other key basics
  • Avoid boring paperwork sessions by providing link to prepopulated new hire forms for completion before first day

Initiate internal logistics preparations

  • Add employee to onboarding system to trigger auto-alerts to key departments for support
  • Monitor new hire checklist in system, including progress on workspace, desk, phone, computing device and security as appropriate
  • Help manager prepare with online planner and agenda
  • Announce new employee arrival in email
  • Ensure access to tools, inclusion on email distribution lists, etc.

Create a great day one welcome

  • Host a “culture welcome” focused on people (President breakfast, peer lunch)
  • Review onboarding checklist in new hire portal with employee
  • Discuss culture, mission, policies and benefits shared on portal
  • Help employee with lay of land—facility tour, voicemail, introductions to peers

Connect employee to people and introduce responsibilities

  • Introduce into buddy program
  • Enroll employee in internal special interest groups
  • Meet periodically to review first week agenda progress and questions
  • Set job scope and performance expectations
  • Discuss company resources and train on networks
  • Review ramp-up plan and initial projects using onboarding system for tracking

Fully engage employee into the company

  • Introduce to key business partners/leaders
  • Make time for periodic one-on-one sessions, peer feedback
  • Allow for customer, field and product experiences
  • Allow for job shadowing and Q&A w/peers
  • Monitor progress and performance in onboarding program
  • Survey new hire about experience
  • Honor monthly anniversaries and achievement

Continue full year of onboarding and ask for feedback

  • Stay connected with two-way feedback, formally and informally
  • Integrate employee into a formal learning and development program
  • Recognize those achievements
  • Communicate ongoing learning/training opportunities
  • Encourage participation in voluntary company activities (social)
  • Remind about cool benefits and programs

By following this employee onboarding checklist, you’ll help the employee connect into the organization fast and establish that long-term commitment that has new hires saying, “I’ll stay!”

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