The Why, What, & How of Agile Performance

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Today’s modern complex workforce and the current state of technology require a performance management process that enables employees to quickly communicate and adjust to changing business needs. With dissatisfaction at an all-time high, agile performance management is gaining attention for transforming performance management into a more agile, dynamic process.
But how do you make this transformation?
In this webinar, we’ll cover the why, what, and how of agile performance management.
Key learning objectives:
  • Why traditional performance management does not drive business outcomes
  • What agile performance can deliver beyond traditional performance management
  • How to implement agile performance within an organizational culture
 This webinar will also include a demonstration of an agile performance solution that can be leveraged to create a culture of feedback, align employees to organizational goals using expectations, and complete check-ins to make sure employees are on track to drive organizational outcomes.

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