The Reagan Family of Companies Links People to Business Strategy

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SilkRoad Talent Management Results

  • Enabled reporting of human capital readiness for new strategy
  • 9-point increase in culture development
  • Metrics on readiness and engagement
  • Connected employee performance goals and strategic objectives
  • Helped HR more tightly align with the company mission

Human Resources Challenges

  • Alignment of talent management strategy with new company growth goal
  • No common objectives for accountability, performance, rewards and development
  • Decentralized planning and processes
  • Absence of automation to improve productivity
  • No visibility into state of talent due to disjointed data

People Strategy Supports Company’s Aggressive Growth

Point Eight Power, a manufacturer of electrical control and distribution systems and a operating company within The Reagan Family of Companies, sets big goals: by 2020, it wants to double in size. To get there, the company used a formal business strategy framework to determine its transformation path. “It created a process for aligning the whole organization under the same mission, vision and values,” explains Lindsey Zan, manager, Organizational Strategy and Talent, The Reagan Family of Companies.

Out of that framework, three employee learning and growth objectives emerged that link people to the new business strategy:

  • Human capital—acquire and retain the right skills
  • Information capital—right information, right time, anywhere
  • Organizational capital—cultivate the desired culture

“Anything HR recommended had to influence or impact each objective, so we had to carefully assess our needs and outcomes,” explains Zan. The assessment uncovered key gaps, including:

  • Lack of organizational alignment on accountability, performance and more
  • Disjointed planning and processes across departments
  • Inability to monitor, test and adapt through technology, data and analytics

It was clear that a significant transformation was needed to close these gaps.

When HR is asked if we have abilities in-house to execute the strategy, we are now able to provide a specific answer because of the data available in [SilkRoad]. Our human capital readiness is at 89% and growing.
– The Reagan Family of Companies

Transformation through an Integrated Talent Management System

The HR team realized only an integrated approach to technology could unite all areas of talent and provide a strategic line of sight for employees. “We chose SilkRoad … because things designed to be easy, intuitive and engaging are more easily accepted by everyone,” said Zan.

In one year, Point Eight Power implemented SilkRoad HRMS, Recruiting, Onboarding, Performance, Learning and Talent Portal.

“We now know the state of our talent readiness, what’s working and what needs to improve,” said Zan. “In addition to the big picture, each area of HR now aligns more tightly with the company mission and employees more clearly understand their role in accomplishing the strategy.”

Monitoring Human Capital Readiness

By using SilkRoad, Point Eight Power is now able to report on talent progress and answer key questions, such as “Are abilities available in-house to execute the strategy?” and “What is the progress toward the employee culture goal?”

SilkRoad Talent Portal Supports Culture Growth

SilkRoad Talent Portal provides an engaging, interactive source of company and culture information that has helped the company reach a 9-point increase in its culture goals. “Employees like our personalized pages we have set up for strategy updates and career opportunities. They can also join online company groups that catch their interest,” said Zan. Another popular feature is a “people knowledge database” where employees can find someone to help with a specific issue or provide education about a particular topic.

Linking Employee Performance Metrics to Strategic Goals

Employees now have a much better understanding of the link between strategic objectives, performance goals and feedback. “An employee used to think he impacted strategy simply by showing up to work. Today, an employee understands, for example, that he influences the company throughput goal by assembling faster and has a plan for getting there,” explains Zan. Employees must select a goal linked to a strategic objective in SilkRoad Performance and the journaling function helps hold everyone accountable and monitor progress.

Is Talent Ready? The Reagan Family of Companies Says Yes!

By using SilkRoad, the Reagan Family has linked people with the business strategy. Zan summarizes, “People execute strategy. Without an understanding of strategy and goals, nothing will happen. SilkRoad’s HR solutions help us reinforce how we achieve those goals with every employee.”

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