The Next Frontier of People Analytics

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Widespread use of people analytics for talent activation throughout the employee lifecycle is becoming more mainstream. And recently, the field of people analytics has moved from answering basic questions about recruitment, engagement, and retention to giving organizations much more complex insight into management and operational issues.

However, a complete transformation from siloed HR applications of analytics to business-wide. cross-functional ones requires a great deal of upskilling on the part of HR, and also a better understanding of the most critical variables to measure. In this interactive webinar, we will explore how HR can up its game to become a strategic partner and essential source of analytical guidance.

Presented by: Alexandra Levit, CEO – Inspiration at Work Alexandra Levit’s goal is to help people succeed in meaningful jobs, and to build relationships between organizations and top talent. A former nationally syndicated columnist for the Wall Street Journal and a current writer for the New York Times, Alexandra has authored several books, including the bestselling They Don’t Teach Corporate in College, Success for Hire, and Blind Spots.

Alexandra currently consults, writes, and explores leadership development, career and workplace trends on behalf of American Express, Deloitte, DeVry University, Intuit, and Silk Road. She has spoken at hundreds of organizations around the world including Abbott, the American Management Association, Campbell Soup, the Federal Reserve Bank, McDonalds, Microsoft, and Whirlpool.

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