The Importance of Personalizing Your Onboarding Experience

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Lilith Christiansen discusses why it’s critical to tailor the onboarding experience for every new hire joining your organization.

Personalization is really important to the onboarding experience, because it shouldn’t be a one size fits all approach. I think every organization, even small ones can think about the difference between what an experienced hire might need as they join the organization versus someone that is a new college grad. Or what your hourly workers might need versus someone who’s in a salaried position, or different geography whether that’s from an international perspective, or maybe just working in a small office versus a large office. So we can’t take a one size fits all approach if you want to drive toward some of those specific outcomes that we’ve talked about before that, we need to personalize the approach to the types of roles that an individual as they join the organization, the team that they’re joining the office that they’re joining to create content that’s relevant to them and the role that they’re being asked to perform in the organization.

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