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SilkRoad and CompensationXL Results

  • Strategic, secure compensation management
  • Broader recruiting outreach, centrally managed
  • Friendly, online onboarding experience
  • Highly aligned performance goals

Human Resources Challenges Solved

  • Security risk with compensation system
  • No central candidate tracking process
  • Inconsistent, paper-based onboarding/offboarding
  • Disconnected performance management

Automated HR—a Necessity in the High Tech Industry

Automation is what we do and a critical component for Symbotic, a warehouse automation technology company. To attract high tech talent and manage fast growth, automation also became an essential focus for the HR team.

“Our strategic initiative focused on automating and streamlining our processes and tools and creating a paperless environment to meet company goals and support employees needs,” said Heidi Pliskaner, HR coordinator, Symbotic. “We also wanted to put key systems in place to support our rapid growth.”

To accomplish this initiative, Symbotic selected SilkRoad and CompensationXL. “Our big driver was finding one product to manage our talent throughout the employee life cycle—recruiting, onboarding, learning, performance and compensation,” said Pliskaner.

Our big driver was finding one product to manage our talent throughout the employee life cycle—recruiting, onboarding, learning, performance and compensation.
– Heidi Pliskaner, Symbotic

Critical Need—Compensation Security

Symbotic started with performance management and compensation to get ahead of their rapid growth curve. “We felt it was more manageable to roll out a system and process at our current size so that we could scale up as needed,” said Pliskaner.

The company tackled its biggest pain point first—access and security for their compensation program. Symbotic had used an in-house Excel program that they thought was unbreakable. However, they discovered that their internal team, who is paid to break things, was able to access and tinker with the formulas. “We needed an extra level of protection,” said Jason Kyle, financial analyst, Symbotic. “There was also tedious version control with different departments. CompensationXL solved all of it.”

“We had our first cycle where no errors made it through to payroll. Data flowed from SilkRoad Performance into CompensationXL and then into ADP exactly as expected,” said Pliskaner. “The security features are very strong and parameters cannot be altered.

The company also gained an easier way to view individual salary history, which helps managers see the overall picture and make better salary planning decisions. “Compensation data can now be used for business planning,” said Pliskaner. “By incorporating market data into the system, we can keep salary competitiveness on the radar which is so important in the high tech industry.”

Complete Automation—Recruiting, Employee Onboarding and Performance Management

Even though at an early implementation stage, expectations are high for SilkRoad Recruiting, SilkRoad Onboarding and SilkRoad Performance Management.

“We’re looking forward to saving time relative to data entry, when the applicant transfers smoothly from recruiting to onboarding and then other modules. Everything will be connected and data will flow easily,” Amanda Church, HR coordinator, Symbotic.

In addition to saving time, SilkRoad Recruiting is helping the company ramp up for fast growth. “To attract talented candidates, the solution enables us to go far and wide to find talent,” said Pliskaner. “We can better understand trends in data and the source of our best hires.” Company recruiters look forward to tracking online progress, keeping information in one place and easily storing information for the future.

Once an offer is extended, SilkRoad Onboarding provides an even deeper, positive experience for new hires to get to know Symbotic. “We built an onboarding experience that is friendly, streamlined and consistent across the company,” said Church. By using the solution’s flexible task list, the HR team was able to customize task lists for interns vs. full-time employees and adapt forms for employees working nationally.

Finally, SilkRoad Onboarding will connect all employee information into SilkRoad Performance, supporting a complete online experience for employees and the company. “As we grow, automated performance management will help us align goals across the organization and simplify communication,” said Church.

By implementing an integrated talent management platform, Symbiotic is ready for growth and managing their best asset—talent.

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