Strategic Onboarding: The Big Wins of Supporting Career Dreams on Day One

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Early career support should play a critical role in strategic onboarding, offering a way to energize new hires and create loyalty.

Career support is often offered as a carrot, a reward for employees who have proven their worth. And with the shortage of talent, that’s a missed opportunity. Investing in career support right away helps distinguish great employees and increases the chances that they will want to stay with the company. It also help employees reach full productivity faster.

New hires today are looking for more than just well-paying jobs; they want fulfilling careers. Providing true early career support stands as the single most important thing firms can do to earn their commitment.

Download this white paper to learn how to make career support a deliberate part of the new hire journey, including:

  • Educating new hires on expectations
  • Common career development tools
  • 7 actions to support career development
  • Much more!

Reinforce to new hires that their career journey will be the path to achieving their dreams.

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