Strategic Onboarding for Healthcare

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The healthcare industry is challenged to attract and retain specialized staff, keep abreast of changing regulation and compliance requirements, and controlling rising costs while continually seeking ways to improve patient care. These challenges create a need for organizations to develop and deliver personalized talent journeys that ramp up, enculturate, and enable employees to contribute to the organization’s mission at every stage of their career – before day one until their last day and every transition in between. The degree to which healthcare organizations create an effective work environment directly correlates with its employees’ ability to positively impact patient satisfaction and clinical quality.  – Max Caldwell, Employee Engagement and the Transformation of the Health Care Industry, Willis Towers Watson John SilkRoad’s Kasey Konkright for a webinar on how to activate talent with strategic onboarding specific to the healthcare industry. In this webinar, we’ll talk about:

  1. Why the employee experience matters
  2. Personalized onboarding experiences for
    1. Nurses
    2. Physicians
    3. Transitions
    4. Mergers & Acquisitions
  3. How to extend the experience beyond the new hire’s first year
  4. How to measure the success of a strategic onboarding program

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