SilkRoad Helps Trendmaker Homes Onboard New Hires

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Pre-Hire Process Result

Faster preparation for new role

The Challenges

Trendmaker Homes never forgets the importance of a great front porch in welcoming new homeowners. As it ramped up hiring, the company realized that it needed to create a wow “front porch” to welcome its new employees. It was also time to improve efficiencies, reducing paperwork, centralizing information and automating processes.

  • Too much time being spent on manual tasks

  • Improvement in preparation of new employees for their roles

  • More highlighting of the tech savvy culture to attract new hires

  • Stronger presentation of the corporate and regional brands for 5 sister companies

The Results

Trendmaker selected SilkRoad Onboarding to have new hires more productive on day one, creating a better understanding of their roles and faster integration into company culture.

  • Eliminated new hire paperwork

  • New employees come in prepared, positive and ahead of the game

  • Able to spend more time on personal conversation with new hires

  • Works seamlessly with legacy Microsoft 365 software platform

“Our goal was to align product, brand and employee experience through the company portal. We wanted the emotion that home buyers feel when walking up to their new house to be communicated to new hires so we called it Front Porch.”
– Eva Brunell, Director of Human Resources, Trendmaker Homes

Their Story

Improved accuracy and consistency. Everything is centralized in one portal. New hires can complete mundane tasks at home before their start dates. Managers can track what has been done and what hasn’t. New hires appreciate that all tasks can be done on an iPad, at their own rate.

Attracts high-quality candidates. High-tech portal conveys industry leadership and appeals to new hires looking for efficiency and company culture integration. Allows new hires to view personalized welcomes, company story, president’s priorities, video features and more before they show up.

Engaging brand-specific experience.
“Front Porch” portal evokes the excitement new homeowners feel when they step up to their front door for the first time. Provides new hires with immediate understanding of the company they now work for.

Adaptable to employee lifecycle.
Portal content supports employee changes through career transitions such as promotions and transfers. Social media integration builds camaraderie and celebrates key life changes, including anniversaries, new arrivals and the like.

Business Impact

Optimized processes
Minimized time required for pre-hire paperwork from 4 hours to 30 minutes. Activated new hires who feel welcomed and empowered.

Improved retention
Automated check-ins with managers and mentors helps Trendmaker avoid “quick quits” — employees leaving in the first 90 days. Supports and encourages ongoing feedback with portal.

“SilkRoad Onboarding lets our new hires focus immediately on productivity, not paperwork. They show up with an immediate understanding of what kind of company they work for.”

Favorite Discovery

“We wanted to centralize but also give each sister company freedom with its brand to personalize for its region, culture and personality. SilkRoad Onboarding fully supported that blend of standardization and customization.”

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