Sanford: Processing Large Candidate Volume while Keeping Content Current

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Founded in 1894, Sanford is headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. With more than 150 healthcare facilities, Sanford is the largest employer in their region and employs over 13,000 people. Sanford found itself faced with an extremely high volume of applicants and using a process that was not user-friendly and caused “a lot of issues.” The company sought out to find a recruiting management and applicant tracking system to solve these issues.


Sanford needed something that was more user-friendly than its current solution to eliminate the large number of calls the company received from applicants looking for help with the system. The company also wanted something they could customize to fit its specific needs and allowed for easy changes and updates to the career portal in a timely and efficient manner.

With the previous solution, HR would first have to open up a check book before they could have any changes made.

During their search, Sanford looked at many different vendors. When it came to making a choice they took price, ease-of-use, customization, and product integration into consideration. After reviewing all of the options, the clear choice for their business was SilkRoad technology’s SilkRoad Recruiting.


SilkRoad Recruiting provided a more user-friendly application than Sanford’s current solution and the other companies they were considering. The company liked that SilkRoad Recruiting was developed with the HR professional in mind and had the potential to eliminate the calls received from applicants with questions about the system.

Not only was SilkRoad Recruiting easier to use, but Sanford also found SilkRoad offered a more cost effective solution than other systems and potentially freed up money for future HR software purchases, specifically SilkRoad for onboarding and life events.

Product integration also played an important role in Sanford’s decision to select SilkRoad Recruiting. The company wanted to find a solution that would allow them to add additional HR products in the future, and Sanford liked how SilkRoad Recruiting integrated well with other HR solutions (including both the solutions they currently had in place and those they wanted to purchase in the future). The strength of the entire SilkRoad product line also helped in Sanford’s decision to select SilkRoad Recruiting.


With SilkRoad Recruiting, Sanford was able to develop a much more informative career portal for candidates, which was easier to use on both ends, and received a positive response from all users.

Since implementing SilkRoad Recruiting, communication between HR, managers, and candidates has improved. Sanford is using a customized email system in SilkRoad Recruiting to communicate with candidates on the status of their application. Moving forward, Sanford expects to see a continued decrease in direct calls and emails straight into HR from candidates.

SilkRoad Recruiting’s customization has allowed Sanford to update their career portal with ease, and has allowed them to make changes to better serve candidates in a timely manner. Canter said, “We have really appreciated the ease of customization. We have been able to go right into the application and make changes on our own. This was not something we were able to do prior to SilkRoad Recruiting. With our previous system, we would have to go through a process to open a new job and have someone else make the changes.”

Since implementation, SilkRoad’s award-winning customer service has impressed Sanford with their “willingness to listen and help make changes.” Sanford Recruiter, Tamara Ledeboer said.

The customer service team is great about response times and getting back to us. If we have an issue they help us figure out what we need to do on our end to make it more user-friendly for us. They have done a great job.
– Tamara Ledeboer, Sanford Recruiter
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