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Attract the right kind of talent across the organisation.

Rustan Coffee is part of the Rustan Group of Companies, which was established in the Philippines in 1951. In 1997, Rustan Coffee signed an exclusive licensing agreement to develop the Starbucks retail business in the Philippines. The first store opened in December, 1997 and the number has grown to more than 190 since then, serving perfect cups of coffee, creating the “Starbucks Experience” with many Filipinos even from the distant cities of Baguio and Cebu.

Rustan Coffee has never had an issue attracting candidates who want to work in the stores. The comfy sofas, the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the convivial atmosphere appeal to a wide demographic, so it was no surprise that when they launched their FaceBook site in 2010 it very quickly amassed 1 million followers. Jobs adverts were added and the applications rolled in. Sounds great so far?

With hundreds of applications every day, recruiters at Rustan Coffee were faced with a monumental screening exercise; with the head office wanting to add an additional 10+ stores per annum, the recruitment team knew they had to do something, and do it quickly, so they turned to SilkRoad.


Social Recruiting: How SilkRoad Recruiting helps source AND manage applicants from across the web

In order to meet the business requirements of increasing the company’s workforce and improving the efficiency of the recruitment process for all candidates, Rustan Coffee implemented SilkRoad Recruiting, the web-based recruiting management solution from SilkRoad.

Rustan Coffee had three key goals:

  • Provide an exceptional candidate experience
  • Improve the quality of hire
  • Expand their service offering – provide a consistent service across the team, backed by clear metrics

SilkRoad Recruiting is a highly flexible, scalable solution. It has enabled us to maximize our consumer brand for the benefit of our employer brand.
– Isabel Cacho, Head of Human Resources, Rustan Coffee

Exceptional Candidate Experience

SilkRoad Recruiting provided Rustan Coffee with a central repository for all candidates regardless of source. Candidates CV’s were no longer accepted in store and rather than a long paper application form, candidates were provided with a leaflet which highlighted what it was like to work at Rustan Coffee and invited them to apply online via their career portal. Here they could also find out much more information about the company, it’s culture and the job roles and responsibilities.

Jobs are advertised freely on social media platforms such as Facebook. When candidates click to apply they are taken to their career portal, ensuring that all candidates, regardless of source, are provided with a consistently high quality candidate experience.

Upon application, candidates receive an email thanking them for their application.

Improving Quality of Hire

Recruiters use SilkRoad Recruiting’s ranking and assessment tools to identify the top talent more quickly. They are also using SilkRoad Recruiting’s mass email functionality which enables them to reject en masse those candidates that don’t make the grade.

This has lead to improved service for candidates while providing the recruiter with more time to spend screening the higher quality candidates before inviting them in for interviews. As a result, there has been a 57% increase in the number of candidates passing the interviews and being hired.

Ensuring Consistent Service

As the team became more efficient they were also able to take on more work and start recruiting for the head office. Roles that would previously have been filled by recruitment agencies at high margins, were now being filled by the recruitment team, directly resulting in huge savings. The team has also been able to start talent polling, building bench strength in key areas and enabling them to adapt much more quickly to new business initiatives.


Feeding the Bean Machine 

  • 1200+: number of baristas
  • 190+: number of stores
  • 10+: number of new stores per year
  • 1485+: number of new Facebook fans per ay
  • 94+: number of applicants per day
  • 3+: new hires per day
  • 100%: percentage of hires on SilkRoad Recruiting
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