Recoveriescorp Strengthens Efficiency and Compliance with SilkRoad Recruiting, Employee Onboarding and Learning Management

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SilkRoad Results

  • Faster, automated compliance reports
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Greater manager engagement in onboarding
  • More efficient recruiting

Human Resources Challenges Solved

  • Paper-intensive training and compliance process
  • Manual recruitment tracking
  • Minimal manager involvement in employee onboarding

Efficiency Key to Growth

When facing fast growth, efficiency becomes a major focus. For recoveriescorp, a leading debt recovery and insurance claims recovery company of over 500 employees in Melbourne, Australia, that quest for efficiency and a need to strengthen compliance led to a search for HR technology. The company selected SilkRoad Learning, SilkRoad Recruiting and SilkRoad Onboarding to strengthen talent management.

SilkRoad Learning Solves Critical Compliance Need

Debt recovery companies face rigid requirements in terms of training and certification for employees. While recoveriescorp successfully complied with those requirements, the paper-based process was unwieldy and time-consuming. By using the learning management system from SilkRoad to manage training, reporting and audits are much more efficient. “Instead of having to pull out paperwork as in the past, we now have it down to a fine art through SilkRoad Learning,” said Stuart Strickland, Senior Learning & Development Consultant, recoveriescorp.

We now get live training history at the click of a button to meet our internal needs and client requirements.
– Stuart Strickland, recoveriescorp

Strickland describes the ability to quantify everything as powerful for the business. “I can run reports for a particular business unit or instructor on how much face-to-face facilitation has occurred,” said Strickland. “Our clients are really impressed with how we have information segmented and quantified to track everything about anyone in terms of training.”

For employee development, managers have much more information at their disposal to see who has completed required or other development training. “There are two advantages. We can get training out to employees much more quickly through the system. People can then manage their own learning through the course catalogue, which makes then more invested and engaged in training,” said Strickland.

Efficiency and Engagement Extend to Recruiting and Onboarding

The benefits experienced through the learning management system also extend to the recruiting and onboarding programs. “We’ve been able to involve managers more in the recruiting and onboarding processes,” said Strickland.

With recruiting software, the company has experienced described stronger manager engagement with job descriptions, applications and other key recruiting areas. “Our recruiter is thrilled. It’s much more efficient to attract people, especially through the candidate pre-screening questions,” explained Strickland.

Involvement in onboarding has also increased through the new hire checklist and automated reminders. “Previously, it was perceived that HR would handle all the onboarding. Now, everyone is more engaged in the whole onboarding process and the entire new hire experience,” said Strickland.

Efficiency Achieved

To reach goals with HR technology, Strickland recommends working out how it all fits together before you start. “The SilkRoad team is a great resource as you plan and they were always available for any information needed. They helped us design with the end in mind,” said Strickland.

By using SilkRoad solutions, recoveriescorp streamlined compliance and created efficiencies in key areas. “We’re just scratching the surface of what we can achieve, but we’ve already saved paper and know where things stand,” said Strickland. “The basics are in place for strong ROI across the board as well as the efficiency we need to support our growth.”

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