Onboarding Maturity Assessment Overview


Assess Your Current State, Envision Your Future

This assessment gives you an overview of where your current onboarding process stands today across four key dimensions: Design Philosophy, Core Content, Delivery Approach and Program Governance. It’s a great way to understand where your onboarding program already excels and where there are opportunities to grow or evolve your program. Using this approach began in the book, Successful Onboarding. SilkRoad continues to combine our tens of thousands of hours of experience consulting with customers around their onboarding processes, challenges and solutions.

The Onboarding Maturity Assessment is based on the common characteristics and challenges organizations experience at key stages along what we call the Onboarding Margin Maturity Curve. While most organizations fall somewhere short of world-class onboarding practices today, the Onboarding Maturity Assessment uncovers insight into key opportunity areas around the right design and enabling infrastructure that will help your onboarding program evolve and progress to the next level – or several levels – of maturity.

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