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Computing infrastructure solutions provider uses SilkRoad Recruiting to drastically improve candidate processing, lower agency fees, and improve talent search


NetIQ Corporation (NASDAQ: NTIQ) is a leading provider of software solutions for managing, securing and analyzing all key components of enterprise computing infrastructures. From backend networks and servers to front-line applications andWeb servers, clients like Ford, NASA, and NASDAQ depend on NetIQ’s applications and services.

NetIQ’s SilkRoad Recruiting Applicant Tracking System Results:

  • Reduced administrative processing tasks by 60% through automation
  • Reduced agency fees by 76% through vendor analysis and reporting
  • Increased quality per hire through centralized and standardized candidate evaluation
  • Reduced time-to-hire through multiple job source integration and enhanced job board searching
  • Organized candidate flow from email inboxes, agencies, and Web sites into one database
  • Recruiting system is a mouse-click way from staff everywhere


As a leading technology company with a diverse set of products and services, NetIQ’s recruiting department must operate from multiple locations in order to promote and grow their national presence. NetIQ’s recruiting director identified numerous challenges that highlighted NetIQ’s need to have an enterprise recruiting application. Recruiters felt that administrative processing was getting in the way of doing what they do best. They faced a massive influx of candidate resumes daily from several sources, ranging from emails, referrals, agencies, online job boards to NetIQ’s corporate career Web site and intranet. They were spending tremendous amounts of time on administrative work – qualifying candidates, processing resumes from clogged inboxes, communicating with hiring managers, and organizing data. While vital to candidate processing, these tasks overshadowed higher level activities such as strategic planning, attracting talent, and promoting NetIQ. Without a centralized system to manage the hiring process, NetIQ had trouble tracking referral agencies, and in some cases overpaid them.

Without a centralized tracking system to document from where and when a candidate was received, different vendors would often provide the same candidates that had previously applied directly, sometimes resulting in payment for a candidate that had already evaluated. Recruiters also had trouble controlling the influx and quality of agency referrals because they did not have the tools to analyze the effectiveness of each vendor.

With busy travel schedules, interviewers experienced difficulty conducting one-on-one interviews and obtaining subsequent group consensus on candidates in a timely manner. Without a database to allow the collection of each interviewer’s feedback from candidate interviews, teams spent large amounts of time debating in “consensus meetings” that took place via conference calls that often allowed for certain interviewers’ personalities to speak louder than organized interview data. Additionally, time to-hire was long because the group had to find time to schedule consensus meetings among several influential team-members, slowing the decision making process.

NetIQ’s recruiting director sought to deploy a centralized system that enabled her recruiters access at any time, from anywhere to keep travel from interrupting their activities. Her work philosophy embraced the use of technology to improve performance. She recognized that a hosted ATS could solve many recruiting challenges, while avoiding the hassles of system maintenance.

Recruiters were able to focus more time and energy on candidate interviews, evaluation and other strategic activities that directly impacted the quality of NetIQ’s new hires.

– SilkRoad Team


After evaluating several systems such as Icarian, Personics, and Monster Momentum, NetIQ identified SilkRoad Recruiting as the most suitable solution on the market for the level of functionality her program would receive. The SilkRoad Recruiting ATS had a powerful selection of recruiting automation tools that exceeded the requirements of her search at the right price point. Within one month of signing a contract and kicking off implementation, recruiters and hiring managers at NetIQ were using SilkRoad Recruiting.


Recruiter Mike Mainey estimates that SilkRoad Recruiting’s ability to automatically organize candidate data from all sources, process resumes, and generate customized response letters reduced administrative tasks for recruiters by 60%. As a result, recruiters were able to focus more time and energy on candidate interviews, evaluation and other strategic activities that directly impacted the quality of NetIQ’s new hires.

Before implementing SilkRoad Recruiting, total quarterly agency spending reached over $840,000. After implementation, NetIQ’s agency spending for the first three quarters was $306,000- a cost reduction of 87%. This cost reduction was attributed to NetIQ’s ability to track candidates through the recruiting cycle and easily detect if they had already received the same candidate from another source. Gone are the days of paying unnecessary fees for candidates they had already evaluated.

NetIQ’s recruiting director also utilized SilkRoad Recruiting’s reporting tools to analyze which candidate vendors gave the best return on investment. By running a standard report on all recruiting sources, she had hard data to support vendor negotiations and develop a preferred vendor list, each of which was given a referral access code allowing them to only submit referrals for certain job openings, which focused talent flow to the right areas of need within NetIQ’s employee base.

System centralization improved NetIQ’s time-to-hire by reducing the amount of time spent searching for and identifying talent. SilkRoad Recruiting’s auto-post/auto-collect functionality brought resumes from various online job boards, NetIQ’s career site, and agencies into a single database. SilkRoad also increased NetIQ’s quality-per- hire by standardizing and systematizing the way recruiters evaluate candidates. Each interviewer now has an equal chance to support their evaluations by recording interview feedback. Each hiring manger can then access and evaluate everyone’s information, thereby leveling the playing field when it came to making a decision on a candidate. The decision process is driven by documented facts and insulated from personalities.

NetIQ uses SilkRoad Recruiting to efficiently recruit from anywhere, at any time from a centralized enterprise application. Recruiters have access to their applicant data from any Web browser, which allows them to take advantage of their centralized system regardless of their location.

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