NES Rentals Recruitment Gets a Lift with SilkRoad Recruiting

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The recruitment software NES Rentals was using—part of a human resources data and payroll system— lacked some of the functionality, features, and efficiency the company desired. The company sought to move forward with more intuitive, state-of-the-art technology specifically designed to support the recruitment process.


  • Replace the inefficient recruitment software quickly and effectively.
  • Ensure that the company’s hiring managers were easily trained and comfortable using the new solution.
  • Deliver a quality candidate experience during the recruitment and hiring process; reduce candidate dropout that occurred with the previous system.


A speedy and smooth transition to SilkRoad Recruiting delivered the features and functions NES Rentals wanted; ensured that system users were up and running; and helped NES Rentals realize productivity gains.


  • One, automated, centrally-managed system for recruiting with accurate, real-time data on candidate status and reports for tracking EEO compliance.
  • An appealing, branded company career portal that provides and improved candidate experience and reduces candidate drop out.
  • More efficient workflow process that streamlines the effort of qualifying candidates, accomplished through use of SilkRoad Recruiting’s pre-screening tools.
  • Greater transparency between recruiters and managers in tracking candidate status.


NES Rentals is a leader in the $25 billion equipment rental industry and #1 in aerial lifts. The company has expertise in construction, facilities management, specialty trade, and maintenance, repair, and operations. With a strict focus on reliability and safety, the company rents more than 735 types of equipment and distributes new equipment for nationally recognized manufacturers in a variety of industries. Part of the business also includes sales of used equipment, complementary parts, supplies, and merchandise.

NES Rentals adheres to the highest standards in equipment rental, recognizing that a focus on safety is not just a best practice—it increases productivity, reduces liability, and saves lives. As a result of its strict emphasis on safety and reliability, the company recognizes how crucial the hiring process is to company success: Matching the right skills and person to the job is essential. Technicians, field and shop mechanics, drivers, and sales people who understand the rigorous demands of the industry play a key role in the company and are in demand. In addition, the organization also recruits highly qualified administrative and corporate staff.


NES Rentals was using a system primarily designed for employee data and payroll to recruit and hire candidates. The system was basic and did not provide the level of functionality needed – efficient applicant tracking, ability to create candidate pools, and more robust reporting capabilities. Managers and recruiters at the company would sometimes need to use manual workarounds. In addition, NES Rentals is an Affirmative Action employer that needs to keep a keen eye on EEO compliance, but was not easily able to do so with the system in place.

Candidate dropout rate was a concern. The lengthy online application process sometimes discouraged candidates from completing their applications. Other times, candidate information was lost, which resulted in frustration for both the candidate and the recruiter. The recruiter would then have to contact the candidate to complete the application process—spending otherwise productive time resolving the issue. The company’s recruiter and HRIS Manager were spending time troubleshooting and providing technical support. In short, the previous software did not consistently deliver a positive candidate (or recruiter) experience.

The talent team wanted an easy-to- build career portal that would allow them the flexibility to articulate company messages and provide new content as quickly as possible. The company also wanted agile processes for pre-qualifying, tracking, and hiring candidates. In sum, NES Rentals sought a recruitment solution that would mirror its high standards, its customer-centric culture, and the value it places on its skilled workforce.


NES Rentals began the evaluation process with a competitive review of several vendors. SilkRoad came out on top. The evaluation team determined that the features and functions of SilkRoad Recruiting were what the company wanted, but the real “tipping point” was SilkRoad Recruiting’s easy-to-use interface.

We saw at once that SilkRaod Recruiting was just so incredibly intuitive from a candidate and a managerial perspective. SilkRoad Recruiting’s interface was right for users of all skill levels – from the novice to the experienced. The company’s candidates and workforce have a wide range of computer skills, so the easy-to-use interface was a major factor in our decision

Under the expert guidance of the SilkRoad team, the implementation process proceeded like clockwork. Within forty-five days, the system was up and running. NES Rentals emphasized the superb services that the implementation team delivered.

“The SilkRoad implementation team was amazing! Our SilkRoad representative was consultative, helpful, and focused on our success. Without a doubt, we attribute the smooth transition to her.”

NES Rentals has leveraged the following features of SilkRoad Recruiting to reallocate productivity back into its business:

  • An appealing, branded career portal, providing a superior experience for candidates
  • Automated job board postings and free distribution channels
  • Passive candidate and contact management tools
  • Standardized and automated hiring workflow
  • Best practices and ad hoc reporting capabilities
  • Social media tools
  • Pre-screening tools to help qualify applications faster


Superb Candidate Experience, Time Savings in the Web Portal

Using SilkRoad Recruiting, NES Rentals provides an appealing, contentrich Web portal for candidates, agencies, recruiters, and hiring managers to use. The NES Rentals portal includes an inspiring message from the CEO, the latest job listings, testimonials from NES employees, information about company benefits, and more. All information is conveniently stored in one place. Managing the career portal with SilkRoad Recruiting is easy now that the talent team has taken over that responsibility, reducing the time and involvement of IT and marketing departments. Last but not least, this online career site clearly articulates the benefits of working for NES and reflects the positive image that the company cultivates.

Increased Productivity, Greater Clarity in the Recruiting Process

SilkRoad Recruiting’s enhanced set of tools has improved the application sorting process, giving more time back to the talent team for other productive work. The pre-screening tool makes candidate evaluation faster, consistent, and more comprehensive. For example, company drivers are required to have a Class A Commercial Driver’s License, and recruiters now automatically pre-screen for that qualification. If a candidate for a driving job does not fulfill the requirement, an application can be automatically disqualified, saving the recruiter and managers productive time.

Moreover, with SilkRoad Recruiting’s automated features and standardized workflow, managers and the talent team always have an up-to-the-minute snapshot of a candidate’s status. Because candidate information is stored online and easily accessible, the entire process is transparent and more efficient for everyone involved.

With an improved, transparent workflow process and SilkRoad Recruiting’s pre-screening tools, NES Rentals is truly able to maintain a sharp focus on quality of hires.

“We really appreciate the ‘aging functionality’ on the SilkRoad Recruiting dashboard. We can set our time to hire, yet we also know that ‘fast’ does not necessarily lead to quality. With SilkRoad Recruiting, we maintain quality while staying on top of the process.”

Value-added Partnerships and Services

SilkRoad Recruiting has also provided benefits that NES Rentals did not initially consider when the product was purchased. The company performs background checks on its employees and was looking for a new vendor to provide that service. After installing SilkRoad Recruiting, the talent team discovered that SilkRoad has a partnership with Hire Right. They have since switched to HireRight, streamlining and integrating the background checking process.

With the help of SilkRoad Recruiting, NES Rentals is thinking strategically and building a talent management approach for the future.

“The modular aspect of SilkRoad’s system is just great. SilkRoad Onboarding for onboarding and SilkRoad Learning for learning were very appealing to us during the evaluation period. With our previous system, there was little possibility of expanding or integrating our talent management systems. With SilkRoad Recruiting, we can look down the road and envision one seamless talent management process.”

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