Moving from Reports to Analytics: Data-driven Onboarding Part I


In the last few years, HR teams have been struggling with data – how to use it, how to show it in meaningful ways to organizational leadership. Traditional reporting typically won’t provide insight that’s useful to management. Management wants information that can help move the organization forward and understand how new hire onboarding impacts the organization’s business goals. What management wants is analytics.  So how do we help HR move from reports to analytics?

The latest episode of Talent Talk Radio, episode 14, dives into that topic with Mimi Jerkan and Nirmala Pol of SilkRoad, talking with host, John Westby.

Take a listen. While it starts the conversation, this topic deserves many more episodes. One key take away is the seven advantages of analytics vs. vintage reporting:

  1. Faster reporting and analysis
  2. Accuracy
  3. Better business decision (* educated decision)
  4. Operational efficiency
  5. Save headcounts
  6. Reduce costs
  7. Increase in ROI


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