Measuring Onboarding Effectiveness Using SilkRoad Analytics Part II

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A new SilkRoad Talent Talk Radio podcast takes a deeper dive into SilkRoad Onboarding Analytics. This episode discusses how to measure and monitor onboarding task promptness using the Onboarding Task Promptness Dashboard. This dashboard helps you understand how quickly and to what extent a task is completed to elevate your onboarding process, enabling you to further refine and personalize the new hire journey.

With the SilkRoad Task Promptness Dashboard, the HR team can monitor and evaluate the status for each task for the new joiner and others who are involved in the new hire process. One practical and actionable result is to identify which tasks are easy to complete versus more challenging tasks. You are able to understand the percentage of tasks completed and whether the new hire is on track and ready for day one. You can use this data to measure, monitor, and optimize your process to enhance the employee experience and avoid making the process overwhelming for a newbie.

You can leverage the Task Promptness Dashboard to:

  1. Monitor the new hires who are going to be completing tasks by each location and team
  2. Discover which task was completed quickly vs. the tasks that took longer, which could indicate the task was more challenging than others. Your HR team now knows which tasks may need more guidance or reworking, for example, adding a training video, providing complimentary documents, or connecting the new hire to a buddy sooner in the process.
  3. Determine whether you have:
    1. Increased onboarding efficiency
    2. Improved first-day readiness
    3. Fostered a culture around employee engagement
    4. Identified bottlenecks in the process
    5. Increased efficiency and effectiveness within the organization

To learn more about our Task Promptness Dashboard and key takeaways on how it can empower HR, please listen to the podcast below.

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