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Removing administration, re-inventing processes and delivering HR service excellence.

One of Australia’s leading electricity and gas retailers, Lumo Energy houses a combined workforce of 500 people, all of whom were supported by a single HR team. Further compounding the problem, more than half the company’s employees are based in a Melbourne call centre, which created a pressing need for effective recruitment and retention measures to counteract high staff turnover and hiring demands. As a result, the HR team struggled to overcome excessive amounts of paperwork, which prevented them from offering a high level of support to the business.

In order to find a solution, the company conducted a strategic HR review, which revealed the need for a software program that would help the team better manage the recruitment, onboarding, people management, and learning and development (L&D) processes, which were previously handled either by HR or management on a case-by-case basis.

However, implementing a consistent onboarding and L&D framework was a formidable task, and in order to increase the quality of HR services, the company first needed to automate several key tasks, reducing the administrative load handled by the team and line managers in the process.

The organisation turned to SilkRoad’s solution to help automate their processes, and enable future growth by identifying and developing the next generation of leaders.

This started as a business partnership but, of course, it has become about the people. Really, it is a commitment to one year working together, then it’s an ongoing relationship – you need to believe you can work with them. The person selling the product becomes the product.
– Rachel Berhang, Organisational Development Specialist, Lumo Energy


SilkRoad Recruiting, Onboarding, Performance and Learning transformed Lumo’s HR processes, making them more effective, efficient and accountable.

New hiring functionality

The company implemented SilkRoad’s Recruiting solution to replace manager-reliant onboarding procedures and paper recruitment data with innovative, strategic processes that enabled the HR team to grow and refine a talent pool of potential hires that have been pre-screened for future positions.

The system also reduced the amount of time spent on each discrete recruitment process; and helped identify the right cultural fit and talent profile for each position, helping reduce turnover. Meanwhile externally, SilkRoad Recruiting created enabled the company to engage with the talent pool and position the organisation as an Employer of Choice.

Employee Onboarding

The company also introduced SilkRoad Onboarding, which enabled employees to access specific content relevant to their role, location or job function, as well as details about informal benefits such as gym memberships. Information about company procedures is also recorded on this system, ensuring valuable knowledge isn’t lost if an individual leaves, and sharing this content in a timely, activity-driven manner ensures that new hires receive the correct at each precise stage of the comprehensive six-month onboarding process.

Previously, managers went through this process personally with each new recruit; however since implementing SilkRoad they can devote their time to ensuring the new hire quickly becomes productive in their role instead.

Training and Development

Due to high attrition rates in the call centre, training courses for new recruits needed to be run on a regular basis. SilkRoad’s Learning solution enabled the HR team to target individuals at various stages of their onboarding process or employee lifecycle, making sure they received the training they needed, when they needed it. Workers are also now able to take advantage of e-learning units such as online leadership courses, putting them firmly in control of their own development.

Putting the system online also meant that compliance training records are easy to access and update, which was a major success for Lumo because the company is required to continually provide compliance training by law. In the event of a compliance audit, training records can now be provided with just a few clicks of the mouse. In the past this report took a team of five people up to three days to compile.

Performance Management

And finally, the company aimed to tackle retention and by improving their performance management process with the introduction of SilkRoad’s Performance solution. Through the system, the company was able to set goals, evaluate employee skills, provide feedback and keep them informed of opportunities for development, which helped improve employee engagement and reduce attrition rates.

Moreover, through Learning, business leaders can now manage workflows, goals and KPIs with greater ease, whether for an individual or an entire department. This, in turn, has reduced time spent on these processes, freeing up the business to focus on building the bottom line.


Thanks to all four SilkRoad solutions, the company was able to automate many necessary but time-consuming manual procedures, increasing efficiencies and saving countless man-hours in the process. Before the implementation of SilkRoad, the HR team at LUMO spent 60% of their day dealing with time-consuming paper work, however the company believes the reduction of time spent processing documentation and chasing incomplete, incorrect or overdue paperwork is invaluable.

A Cut Above the Rest

With a plethora of recruitment, onboarding, people management and learning and development systems available on the market, Lumo chose SilkRoad because their solution provided strength in all areas, rather than prioritising one feature with other modules added on as extras. And being able to deliver such a powerful, impressive tool to the business in four comprehensive modules over just ten months, within budget, pleased management as much as it thrilled the HR team.

During the implementation, SilkRoad’s project team devoted a great deal of time making sure the Lumo administrators were properly trained in order to support the user base. Having configured solutions to meet their unique needs, the software company also provided training sessions to prepare different user groups for the change the system would generate. Those changes have successfully streamlined Lumo’s operational efficiencies, freeing up valuable time that could be better spent recruiting new talent, ensuring employees are engaged and motivated, providing outstanding service to their customers and ultimately building the business.


  • 500 employees in Australia at Lumo Energy
  • 50% of workforce based in call centre
  • 4 L&D modules to be conducted over 10 months
  • 60% of day consumed by paperwork before SilkRoad
  • 100s of new resumes that will no longer need to be reviewed thanks to the growing previous-applicant CV database



The problem

  • High staff turnover resulted in continual recruitment drives and significant training requirements, which were processed manually
  • HR was overwhelmed by paperwork, unable to offer strategic support to the business
  • Six-month onboarding process that was difficult to manage
  • No central repository for information about company procedures and protocols

The solutions

  • SilkRoad comprising:
  • SilkRoad Recruiting
  • SilkRoad Onboarding
  • SilkRoad Performance
  • SilkRoad Learning

The results

  • Fully automated recruitment and onboarding process that reduces time spent sifting through CVs and getting employees settled in
  • Online learning and development system that provides e-learning for employees and critical training reports for the business
  • Increased employee engagement, reduced attrition rates
  • Both HR and the business can now focus on building the business
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