Indigo Books and Music Creates a Modern Employee Experience with SilkRoad Onboarding and SmartRecruiters

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SmartRecruiters and SilkRoad Results

  • A modern candidate experience that goes beyond recruiting basics
  • Extended engagement—candidate to new hire to first year on the job
  • Higher manager satisfaction with talent acquisition and onboarding—72% to 94%
  • Connected candidate to new hire process, immediately sealing the deal from “offer accepted”
  • Hired 1,900 in 10-week window and completed it all 3 weeks early

Indigo Challenges

  • No ability to create a personalized experience for candidates or new hires
  • Need for a simpler, mobile application process to attract candidates
  • Lack of manager self-service stalled hiring processes
  • Difficult to represent employer brand in a crowded job market

Modern Workforce Needs Drive Change

Indigo Books and Music Inc., Canada’s largest book, gift and specialty toy retailer, employs more than 6,200 people throughout Canada. A recipient of the Canadian Randstad award as a top Canadian retail employer brand, the company places a big emphasis on a positive experience for employees.

To maintain that award-winning experience, the company realized that it needed to keep pace with the needs of the modern workforce. “Our existing systems were not built to meet the needs of today’s recruiters, candidates and hiring managers,” said Sarah Wilson, director, Talent Acquisition, Performance Management & Principal Staff Officer, Indigo Books and Music Inc. “We needed to simplify the application process, offer self-service for managers and employees and create a branded experience from hiring to onboarding.”

To strategically meet recruiting and retention needs, Indigo selected SmartRecruiters to attract candidates and SilkRoad Onboarding as a key ingredient to personalize a branded journey from candidate to employee.

SmartRecruiters Powerful Combination—Easy Plus Personal

Wilson describes SmartRecruiters, an end-to-end recruitment marketing and hiring management platform, as easy-to-use, intuitive and straightforward. “You can’t beat it for ease of application. A candidate can hop into the career site, apply for a position and check status, all from their phone,” said Wilson. “It also enables us to make a quick connection to our brand, which helps capture their interest at an early stage.”

Personalizing the experience was also important for Indigo. “We wanted candidates to feel like they were speaking one on one with us,” said Wilson. “With SmartRecruiters, you can set up an experience using a real contact name instead of no-reply, which gives a completely different feeling to the interaction.”

SmartRecruiters also prepares Indigo for the future. “The solution makes it easy to stay cutting edge. As we grow, the system scales and it will be easy to build on the foundation to meet our ongoing needs,” said Wilson.

SilkRoad Onboarding Creates Strong Employee to Brand Connection

Through SilkRoad Onboarding, Indigo was able to extend its dynamic candidate experience into a dynamic new hire experience, connecting recruiting and onboarding into a seamless journey.

“It’s been easy to add the look and feel of the employer brand and connect employees to it more quickly,” explained Wilson. “A new hire knows why we are here and our mission before they step into the building.”

SilkRoad Onboarding also helped create a consistent brand experience across multiple stores and regions. “Due to different locations and different roles, our workforce is complex,” said Wilson. “Creating a personalized but consistent journey for each individual was a daunting, manual task prior to using SilkRoad.”

With Silkroad, Indigo has also been able to customize 5 hiring processes with plans to do more. Wilson describes it as an amazing surprise how easy it was to adapt forms and other areas. “The overall user interface and ease of use is so strong. The solution provides the sophistication to manage complex processes but is not overly complicated,” said Wilson.

Connected Experiences Drive Results

SmartRecruiters increased store and hiring manager satisfaction from 72% to 94% in 12 months and made a big impact on seasonal hiring. “We hire 1,900 candidates in a 10-week window. Usually, we have some hiring to do after the window closes,” said Wilson. “This year, we were done three weeks early, which meant new hires were in the stores selling in record time.”

We hire 1,900 candidates in a 10-week window. Usually, we have some hiring to do after the window closes. This year, we were done three weeks early.
– Sarah Wilson, Indigo Books and Music

Candidate feedback on SilkRoad Onboarding was equally positive. Wilson shared that candidates appreciated not having to print out all the typical retail paperwork. “We had one VP who thought it was amazing that he could complete all his paperwork in advance. He told us this was the smoothest onboarding process of his whole career,” explained Wilson.

With SilkRoad Onboarding and SmartRecruiters, Indigo went beyond basic talent acquisition and onboarding, transforming to an experience that engages the modern workforce.

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