How TopBuild Increased Applicants by 35% in 30 Days with the New SilkRoad Candidate Experience


Executive Summary

TopBuild is the largest purchaser, installer and distributor of insulation in the U.S. through its TruTeamSM and Service Partners® businesses. TopBuild is a SilkRoad Recruiting customer experiencing a decline in new application volume across the all jobs.

TopBuild has a unique recruitment process. The application process was not mobile friendly and required a candidate to complete up to 5 separate forms to apply to any open position.

SilkRoad worked with TopBuild first to install our SilkRoad Google Analytics reporting integration to analyze the existing portal traffic to examine their candidates and determine a strategy to increase applications based on their data.

We discovered that more than 60% of all web traffic to the TopBuild portals were candidates on their mobile devices and that most candidates left the site in less than 2 minutes without applying.

TopBuild - SilkRoad Mobile Candidate ExperienceBased on our research, we suggested TopBuild implement the new SilkRoad Candidate Experience to optimize their career portal for mobile devices and reduce the required forms from 5 to only requiring candidates to submit their First Name, Last Name, Email, and Resume attachment.

Updating the career portal enabled TopBuild to provide a mobile candidate experience and allow candidates to complete the application process in less than 2 minutes. The simple adjustment led to an increase in applications by 35% in the first 30 days.

We are sharing this case study to help our customers learn from one another and provide best practices for any customer to enhance their mobile experience, candidate web traffic tracking, and improve application rates.

Suggested Best Practices to Increase Applicants

  • Implement tools to analyze your web traffic
  • Evaluate how to make the application as short and easy as possible
  • Plan for candidates on their mobile device
  • Track application conversion rate for optimizing application forms


Plan Your Mobile Recruiting Strategy

More than half of all web traffic on SilkRoad powered career portals are potential candidates reviewing jobs on their mobile device. SilkRoad recently released a new career portal to improve the candidate experience specifically for candidates on their devices.

From leveraging job boards and employee reviews to searching your career portal and reading job descriptions mobile is quickly becoming the preferred channel for your potential new hire’s ongoing job search.

Some stats on mobile recruitment

  • 65% of Indeed traffic is from mobile
  • 89% believe a mobile device is an important tool for job searching
  • 48% think mobile devices will be the most common way to search for jobs in two years or less.


Here’s our advice to start planning your mobile strategy.

2. Analyze your candidate traffic
It’s important to start craft a data-driven strategy. SilkRoad recently released a custom Google Analytics dashboard to help you begin to measure your career portal traffic. You can add SilkRoad Recruiting Reports yourself, just import to your Google Analytics Dashboard or contact our team.

Our Analytics report will help you track:

  • Web Traffic
  • Mobile vs Desktop
  • Time on Site
  • Geographic Traffic Counts
  • Source of Traffic
  • Leading Job Boards
  • Most Viewed Jobs
  • Application Conversion Rate

Analytics will help you identify the types of devices your candidates use, how long they visit, which city, ST, country they are located in, which job boards they use, and which jobs are most interesting.

2. Shorten the Application
Convenience was cited by 55% of people as the core driver of mobile job search.

We highly recommend shortening your application form to as few fields as possible. In the new Candidate Experience, SilkRoad removed the requirement for candidates to create a User Name and Password. We now provide an easy apply option that only requires First Name, Last Name, Email, and Resume by default. These fields can be expanded but reducing your application fields will help candidates apply in a little time as possible.

3. Boost the candidate experience
The candidate experience is more important than ever. For recruiters, this includes your company brand across all channels your website, social media, employee reviews, job boards and your career portal

When it comes to your career portal remember, candidates often leave when they don’t find content that’s valuable to them. Make sure you provide concise, valuable information that does not distract from the reason they are on your career portal, to apply!

45% of job seekers say they use their mobile device specifically to search for jobs at least once a day.

We encourage you to include multiple fonts, video, text, and images in the job description but keep it specific to the role, your brand and make sure it readable on any device!

Lengthy job descriptions and unorganized text will confuse candidates and make it difficult to read. Keep it concise. Finally, review your job posts and descriptions across all channels and if possible multiple devices!


Time to go mobile

Schedule time with SilkRoad Activation Services team to customize and implement a candidate experience optimization!



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