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Elkay was founded nearly a century ago on a simple idea: “Make the best sinks and provide the best customer service.” Since then Elkay has grown significantly from its beginnings as a sink manufacturing company to a complete supplier of kitchen products. To this day, the company’s dedication to innovative products and exceptional customer service remains the same.

Throughout its growth and expansion, Elkay has continued to recognize and respect the value and commitment that each employee brings to the company, knowing that employees are a company’s most important asset. The company now has more than 2500 employees and 24 facilities across the nation.

As the company grew, management realized it needed a more centralized recruiting plan and a streamlined onboarding process. That’s when Elkay began its search for talent management vendors.

The Recruiting Challenge

With the company growing, Elkay set out to find a recruiting management solution in 2005. Prior to that time, each location had its own recruiting function, which is why Elkay was looking to centralize its recruiting to the corporate office.

Elkay was using an Access database for the minimal tracking it was doing, and in the process was using “a lot of paper,” according to Rhonda Lopez, Corporate Talent & Development Specialist for Elkay. Elkay needed a solution that could help track hiring and also one that could store the resumes that were coming in and make them easily searchable for future use.

It was also important to the company to develop a solution that could help to create a more professional career portal. The portal needed to be easy to use and flexible so Elkay could keep it updated with current information and brand image. At the time, the company could not update the site itself and needed to place several calls in order to make changes. The time-consuming process kept the company from having the most accurate information available to potential employees.

One final challenge that was specific to Elkay: the company wanted to find an option that would integrate with its background check vendor and eliminate the need to transport paper forms back and forth between Elkay and the vendor.

We really weren’t able to find any other options out there that could do everything SilkRoad Onboarding would do— and would give the option to customize and personalize the system to work perfectly with the HR department’s goals like SilkRoad could.
– Rhonda Lopez, Corporate Talent & Development Specialist for Elkay


After cross-referencing its needs with the available vendors, Elkay found SilkRoad Recruiting to be the best solution for their company, based on their needs, size and budget. SilkRoad Recruiting could immediately help by eliminating paper waste and by centralizing the HR process to the corporate office.

Elkay was able to integrate the SilkRoad Recruiting solution into their PeopleSoft HRMS solution. Information that candidates enter into SilkRoad Recruiting is seamlessly transferred to the HRMS once a candidate is hired. This integration between SilkRoad and PeopleSoft’s HRMS cuts down on data entry, which was previously done by hand.

SilkRoad’s Life Suite was also of interest to Elkay. The company later purchased SilkRoad Onboarding solution based on its unique onboarding approach and compatibility with SilkRoad Recruiting. Elkay HR executives saw the value of SilkRoad Onboarding, specifically the way the platform prepares employees to be ready for work on day one. SilkRoad Onboarding collects new hires’ pre-employment forms and benefits summaries before their start date, which was attractive to Elkay. The fact that the SilkRoad Onboarding solution would provide a streamlined process in an acquisition, if needed, was another big attraction for the company.

Lopez notes, “We really weren’t able to find any other options out there that could do everything SilkRoad Onboarding would do— and would give the option to customize and personalize the system to work perfectly with the HR department’s goals like SilkRoad could.”


“The biggest benefit is that all of our locations can use the solutions and we can share information electronically. It cuts down on emailing resumes and printing of paper. We were using so much paper,” said Lopez.

SilkRoad Recruiting helped Elkay improve recruiting at all of its locations. From within corporate, location managers can now be assigned items and share information with all of the different facilities. The company no longer has to email and print resumes because all of the information can be stored within the system.

Elkay’s HR team can now easily move from requisition to a posting while tracking all the data it needs. In addition, Elkay now easily tracks requisition approvals. Instead of creating databases, the company has been able to add custom fields into the system. If hiring managers or HR executives at Elkay want particular information tracked, they can download selected fields into Excel if needed—which saves time.

“SilkRoad Recruiting has made our company’s approval process completely paperless and trackable. The electronic portion has really saved Elkay time and eliminated searching through files and stacks of paper copies to find what the hiring managers are looking for,” said Lopez.

As for the career portal, the company can now update information easily and keep the listings fresh. Elkay is currently updating the site somewhere between every six months to a year to ensure it reflects the most recent news and latest locations. Any time the company has new information to post, it can easily go into the system and update the career portal without having to make calls to someone else.

Elkay was even able integrate its background check vendor with SilkRoad Recruiting, permitting the system to submit for background checks electronically—which means no more filling out and transporting paper forms.

Though the company just recently implemented SilkRoad Onboarding, it has already noticed the benefits. Previously, when it came to new hires’ personal data, each location was responsible for that data entry.

Some of the locations were handling the paperwork process via a checklist and filing the paper created, some were using a tool Elkay created, and some were using Outlook forms. With SilkRoad Onboarding, the system saves the information as the new hire enters and updates the record. The system also alerts the HR employee to let him or her know that the information has been handled.

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