Dentsu Aegis Network Streamlines Performance Management



When Dentsu Aegis Network started discussions with SilkRoad about their overall HR strategy, challenges and goals, they embarked on quite a successful journey. Since then, Dentsu Aegis Network has implemented SilkRoad Performance, Learning and Onboarding across their Australian and New Zealand locations to over 1000 employees and 25 brands.


  • De-centralized performance management
  • Differing needs from 25 separate brands
  • Negative attitude towards performance management


Traditionally each of the 25 brands ran their own performance processes independently with their own forms, schedules and outcomes. As the company grew they saw the need for a centralised system in order to increase the overall view of their company talent and to streamline the performance process to take the administrative burden away from each brand and pull it into one easy to use system that took care of the process side of performance development.

Due to the inconsistencies across the company, it was felt that the employees were not getting the required support in their careers. There were not only differences on how the performance appraisals were delivered but also what happened next. It was important to Dentsu Aegis Network to start to create awareness of the process and what it can mean to the employee should they wholly participate.

Dentsu Aegis Network had experienced difficulty in implementing systems in the past and had struggled to achieve the required employee engagement from other systems. With this in mind they needed an easy to use platform that employees were able to recognize what was in it for them and what the outcome would be should they invest their time in the solution.

There has been a significant amount of time saved from not having to coordinate performance manually and there is now more of a structure to it all.
– Kellyann Woodley, Learning and Development Specialist


As Kellyann Woodley, Aegis’ Leaning and Development Specialist, sums it up “(SilkRoad have) Simple products that support a process”.

Dentsu Aegis Network are firm believers in the conversation side of performance appraisals, SilkRoad Performance is a tool that aids this conversation, not replace it.

Dentsu Aegis Network run an annual appraisal process that is kicked off by the employee creating goals or having goals cascaded to them. The process is easy to follow, efficient and provides the HR Team everything they need to help their employee’s development. By allowing the employees to create their own goals, Dentsu Aegis Network are giving ownership back to each Team Member – this in turn creates an accountable culture where each employee is responsible for their own career advancement within the company. This increased level of engagement was largely helped by the planned implementation and simple yet effective change process supported by Kellyann and her Team; ‘The implementation process was conducted with a project timeline, employees were made aware of the product and its launch date was communicated via email and online”.

After the first year of use, it became clear to Dentsu Aegis Network that they could push SilkRoad Performance further by adopting the succession module. This module gave Dentsu Aegis Network clear visibility over their employees and is used during workshops to map out their next rising star.

SilkRoad Performance really shows its value at the yearly performance appraisal launch and conclusion where historically; the HR Team had to pull together numerous spreadsheets to provide reporting. These days, it is as easy as closing off the appraisal period and running system reports that give their Executive Team everything they need within a few clicks.

‘Impact upon everyday activity has not been huge, but there has been a significant amount of time saved from not having to coordinate performance manually and there is now more of a structure to it all.’ Kellyann Woodley, Learning and Development Specialist.

Dentsu Aegis Network also has implemented both SilkRoad Onboarding and SilkRoad Learning. Through the use of both SilkRoad Performance and SilkRoad Learning, Dentsu Aegis Network was able to provide their employees with full performance support throughout their careers. Dentsu Aegis Network recognises the importance of retaining their employees and their focus on developing and growing each individual shows through their investment in SilkRoad’s solutions.


  • Standard approach across 25 brands
  • Measurable and track able performance outcomes
  • Cultural shift
  • Complementary to SilkRoad Learning for an overall employee development experience

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