Daxko Shares Award-Winning Strategic Onboarding Success | Webinar Recording

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The Golden Portal Onboarding Award honors companies that demonstrate a true understanding of the strategic importance of the onboarding experience for new hires and the way technology can streamline the paperwork and compliance process while contributing to employee retention and business outcomes.

What stood out about Daxko
Daxko, the award winner and a leading provider of mission critical software to member­‐based health and wellness organizations, received top honors for leveraging their onboarding portal to strategically immerse new hires into their fun and collaborative company culture. The spirit of “Daxko Nation” is highlighted via stand-out employer branding efforts including an employee-driven culture blog and social media programs. The employee experience was priority with every task starting with pre-boarding. Tasks included engaging titles and pictures, as well as an opportunity to interact with a “People Team Orchestrator” to provide a human touch during the onboarding process. Continuous connection and collaboration opportunities were highlighted from an introductory coffee with the CEO to social events for all employees. In this webinar, they’ll talk about:

  • How they define and leverage their employer brand
  • How their onboarding initiatives are used to help assimilate and enculturate new hires
  • What impact their onboarding strategy has had on business outcomes
  • Additional initiatives that they use their onboarding portal for
  • How they obtain feedback from new hires to continuously improve their onboarding practices
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