Daxko Activates Candidates into Highly Engaged Team Members with SilkRoad

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SilkRoad Results

  • Higher engagement—nearly 9 out of 10 “would recommend company” rating
  • Created a seamless candidate to employee journey
  • High marks for ease of candidate and onboarding experience
  • Increased candidate pool through social media use
  • Improved Day One readiness through onboarding automation
  • Business goal support—fill positions faster, new hires productive faster

Daxko Challenges

  • Lack of employer brand consistency across Daxko website, careers portal, and onboarding
  • Disconnected experiences from recruiting to hire
  • Fewer candidate applications due to lack of mobile capability
  • Manual onboarding required extensive time and communication
  • IT support needed to meet basic needs

The Journey Begins: Hire Faster, Deeper Engagement

As hiring needs increased for Daxko, a leading software provider to member-based health and wellness centers, the People Team (HR) jumped on the opportunity to try new approaches to hire and activate team members.

“We decided the ideal solution needed to go beyond recruiting, offering us a way to present our unique brand and connect into onboarding,” said Beth Wolfe, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Daxko.

Daxko uncovered the solutions in SilkRoad Recruiting and SilkRoad Onboarding.

Seamless Journey: Candidate to Team Member

To attract candidates and activate them as new hires faster, Daxko focused on a big mission: creating a seamless candidate to team member journey.

“Daxko is known for its vibrant company culture,” said Janna Bradt, Talent Marketing Manager, Daxko. “This experience needed to come across during recruiting, onboarding and the entire team member journey. That meant we needed solutions that allowed us the creative freedom to showcase the ‘Daxko difference’. SilkRoad offered that robust personalization.”

Daxko created a vibrant ambience through fun messaging, color and graphics on their career and onboarding portals. Their engaging experience led to winning SilkRoad’s 2016 Golden Portal award.

Engaging Journey: The Essential Role of Social Media

Social media plays a critical engagement role. Social media buttons that allowed candidates to easily apply with LinkedIn and Indeed were a must as well as social support for internal needs.

“We are super active on social media, which SilkRoad fully supports. We have a Twitter feed on our onboarding portal, so we can give a shout out when a new hire starts,” said Bradt. “Our Daxko culture blog, which is team member-owned, showcases what different team members do and offers a great place for a new hire to read about the company.”

Daxko is known for its vibrant company culture. This experience needed to come across during recruiting, onboarding and the entire team member journey. That meant we needed solutions that allowed us the creative freedom to showcase the ‘Daxko difference’. SilkRoad offered that robust personalization.
– Janna Bradt, Daxko

Recruiting Journey: Huge Wins

Daxko strengthened recruiting results, especially by adding mobile applications. “Candidates can apply through LinkedIn and Indeed, which is huge,” said Wolfe. “It increased the candidate pipeline because they could apply from wherever and whenever.” The ability to easily create targeted campaigns also increased the pipeline.

SilkRoad Recruiting also opened up access for team leads. “They used to rely on us for all information. The new workflow is very clean so it’s easy to see candidates and status,” said Wolfe. “Last-minute requests to IT also dropped significantly.”

Time to fill has gone down 15%, from 57 days to 49 days. New hire surveys show scores of 4.5 and over on a scale of 5 for ease of navigation, the application process and time to complete the application.

Onboarding Journey: Activates Talent Faster

Daxko experienced equally strong results with SilkRoad Onboarding. ““We created lively and energetic pages that emphasized fun, getting involved and sharing through Twitter feeds,” said Bradt. “Our new hire survey showed a wonderfully positive response, including ‘super easy, never in limbo, can look up what we need’.”

Daxko now connects with a new hire right after the offer. “It helps us keep their interest high by learning about the company and next steps right away,” said Bradt.

More engagement opportunities emerged as the team tested the user experience. “New hire paperwork isn’t very exciting, so we took advantage of how easy it is to change the SilkRoad tasks,” said Wolfe. “For example, we called the task to fill out the W-4 ‘Give Uncle Sam His Due’ with funny pictures. Highlighting ‘Coffee with Dave (Daxko’s CEO)’ is also a great engagement builder with new recruits.”

The team also saved hours of manual onboarding time. New hire tasks were developed for different types of team members, creating dependencies, an easy-to-follow workflow and eforms.

“Instead of everyone asking us what they are supposed to do, they can easily access that information in SilkRoad Onboarding. Team leads love it, Payroll loves it, IT loves it … everything is much easier and more streamlined,” said Wolfe.

Journey Results: Faster Support of Key Initiatives

Through SilkRoad Recruiting and SilkRoad Onboarding, Daxko ramps up new team members faster to support key business initiatives. “They spend less time bogged down in orientation and paperwork. New hires move more quickly into the real learning for their role,” said Bradt.

A new hire survey also shows high engagement. When new hires were asked how likely they were to recommend the company, Daxko received nearly a 9 out of 10.

“SilkRoad thoroughly surpassed our needs. Everyone we encountered was helpful, experienced and customer-focused, which helped us achieve great results,” said Wolfe.

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