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There’s an organizational equivalent to Rock – Paper – Scissors called “Culture – Strategy – Talent”, in that there isn’t one “right” answer or simple shortcut to increased organizational performance and success. A great culture without a winning strategy and talented people to execute on that strategy will simply be a “fun” place to work, until the company, inevitably, goes out of business. Great talent will not overcome a doomed business strategy.

In this presentation, we will have some fun exploring the interplay among culture, strategy, and talent in organizations today and play the “Culture – Strategy – Talent” game. We will give examples of how to recognize if your organization keeps playing the same choice over and over again (like throwing “Rock” 17 times in a row), and offer some approaches to help you align your efforts and resources to find the best balance across the three elements, which will ultimately lead to better performance. And if nothing else, you’ll learn how to become a better “Rock – Paper – Scissors” player!

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