A New Way of Doing Business: Virtual Teams

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Join Kevin Sheridan, keynote speaker and best-selling author, to get the low-down on virtual teams and the challenges managers face for training and performance. Participants in this webinar will be able to:

  • Teach their Management Teams the very real and quantifiable benefits of allowing people to work remotely, thereby increasing Employee Engagement, especially for the Millennial (Gen Y) population of workers.
  • Learn and apply the four key attributes to look for when hiring the right people for remote positions, thereby avoiding costly turnover and low productivity.
  • Discover the Top 10 Employee Engagement Drivers and how to maximize them for Virtual Workers.
  • Establish the right “remote architecture” or structure to ensure a successful virtual work world, especially how to leverage technology to bridge the gap or gulf between “Corporate” and “the field.”
  • Help their organization and leaders overcome the barrier of TRUST, which can be one of the greatest impediments to a successful virtual work environment/culture.
  • And more

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