Retention, Engagement & Branding Survey 2017

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Keeping turnover low and employee satisfaction high continue to be top priorities for organizations of all sizes. This research report takes a snapshot of current strategies and trends with a wide-ranging survey of best practices around retention, engagement and employer branding. The survey was conducted and written by HR Daily Advisor, an online resource for HR, HCM, talent management and employee engagement.


  • 4 out of 5 respondents said they do track employee retention/turnover.
  • 80% say they ask employees for feedback to make them feel personally committed to their organization.
  • 66% of survey takers said they do not measure engagement.
  • 51%, the number one response, say that they characterize their experience at their organization as “somewhat positive.”
  • 76% say they do not have a formal career-planning program.
  • 74% say they do not have an employment brand program.
  • 54% say that their internal branding has been somewhat effective at improving retention.

The top three goals of respondents’ employment branding programs are:

  • 71% Boost engagement
  • 66% Boost morale of employees
  • 62% improve retention of all employees
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