Employee Engagement and Strategic Onboarding for Professional and Business Services Firms

Helping professional and business services firms onboard and retain a muti-talented, multi-skilled workforce

Every HR professional in a services firm knows success is all about people. Here’s everything you need to create a successful talent management program:  finding top talent, onboarding processes, employee engagement, blended learning, social recruiting, and more.

Professional services firms maintain a constant equilibrium between cost reduction and projected rapid growth. Talent becomes one of the the critical areas that can tip the balance one way or the other.

This is where technology can support rapid scale. It can save you substantial amounts of time and money—and help you plan more effectively for whatever the future may bring. Whether that future includes finding the right people, building and retaining next generation leadership, or rapid upsizing or downsizing to meet business and billable project demands. More than ever, though, the professional services business depends on building and sustaining a high-performance workforce, especially if you’re serving multiple industries. Talent management gets you there.

Can Technology Help Solve HR Challenges?

To stand out in a competitive marketplace, highly specialized professional services companies need sharp, confident, and committed employees; people who know how to build relationships and generate revenue. In addition to managing client relationships and budgets, employees have to keep track of billable hours, remain compliant with industry certification requirements, and meet both organizational and individual goals. It’s a lot to juggle. As you prepare to face these steep challenges, here’s some help from SilkRoad’s resource center, including best practices, research, and more.

Finding Best-Fit Talent Quickly for Professional Services Firms

To provide quality services to clients, the process of sourcing, attracting, and hiring hard-to-find talent becomes more vital than ever. It’s also important to find a good fit. Hiring the right person helps control costs and contributes to the bottom line; hiring the wrong person drains productivity and money (estimated at 150 times an annual salary).

How to Connect People to Business Success?

For the biggest impact, a company’s business strategy should be connected to its people strategy. These signs can indicate a disconnect: no input into the HR budget, last minute staffing requests, not part of the merger conversation and more.

Discover Strategic Onboarding for Professional and Business Services

Find out how to retain your highly-recruited, multi-talented workforce with strategic onboarding

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