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SilkRoad Announces Integration Between SilkRoad Onboarding and ADP WorkforceNow on ADP’s Marketplace

The SilkRoad ADP WorkForce Now Connector enables clientss to automatically synchronize employee data between SilkRoad products and ADP WorkForce Now. This capability allows HR organizations to manage employee data from a single resource, while ensuring that the information is accurate and current on both ADP and SilkRoad systems. For example, when a new employee is added through SilkRoad’s Onboarding solution, their information is automatically added to ADP WorkForce Now.

The ADP WorkForce Now Connector automates the data exchange between systems, and does not require any additional effort from the user beyond the original configuration. Data exchange is bi-directional, and in near real-time. Clientss may identify either system as the official system of record, and define Create or Update rights based on their requirements. The Connector also enables Single Sign-On, so users can move seamlessly between products without re-entering their credentials.

The data exchange includes a comprehensive set of personal information, including name, date of birth, marital status, contact information and similar data, along with employment-related data, such as worker type, employee status, hire date, job title, department, and salary information. The data exchange is configurable and flexible enough to allow full customization based on user requirements.

The ADP WorkForce Now Connector is available for any SilkRoad Onboarding or Recruiting client using ADP WorkForce Now. The Connector is currently available for download on the ADP Marketplace.

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