Onboarding Workflow Automation

Onboarding systems can automate workflows in a number of ways. One size rarely fits all when it comes to onboarding new talent. So here are some tips about onboarding workflow automation.

How flexible and adaptable are the workflows? You want to be able to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. Every company is different, and your approach to Onboarding needs to reflect that. An auto manufacturer may not want the same onboarding experience as a global consulting firm. A retail chain has different onboarding priorities than a large hospital system. Your onboarding journey should be agile and flexible enough to help you reach your unique organizational goals.

Look for a vendor that can deliver new hire tasks, activities, and content to the employee based on a carefully structured workflow, where and when the employee is ready for them.

Can you stage tasks over a period of time or must tasks be sent all at one time? A new hire journey for example usually takes place over several weeks or many months. You want to be able to stage that journey so the new joiner is not overwhelmed or inundated with tasks at one time.

Can workflows by customized by role, function, location, management structure, language, team, region, or other factors? Again, workforces are rarely all the same. If you have a few regions, a few employee types (hourly, part-time, full time, executives) good onboarding should reflect those nuances. The more complex your workforce, the less one size fits all workflows will work to engage and retain.

Take a Closer Look

How many workflows are included with the solution? One workflow or many?

Can workflows be tailored to employee types, regions, and reporting structures?

Are tasks assigned to new hires via email?

How many tasks are sent per email? For example are all pre-hire administrative tasks in one checklist?

Is the new hire required to prioritize the list of tasks? Or understand that one task needs to be completed before the next task on the list?