SilkRoad Onboarding
for Mergers and Acquisitions

Help Talent Embrace Culture for Successful Mergers and Acquisitions

Failure Rate for Mergers & Acquisitions

– Harvard Business Review

#1 Reason for M&A Failures: Culture

– Bain survey

M&A Experts Say Stronger Culture Focus Needed

– McKinsey survey

Departing Employees Indicating Culture Discomfort

– Towers Watson survey

The failure rate of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is staggering. The number one cause? Culture and talent departures related to employee onboarding issues top the list.

Uncertainty about the new strategy and employee roles raises questions, leading to departures and failure of the deal. Then there are process risks. Integration activities, regulatory compliance paperwork and policy acknowledgement all need to go smoothly to increase employee comfort…and protect the deal.

Reverse the Failure Trend with Onboarding

With SilkRoad Activate for Mergers and Acquisitions, you can address these needs and reverse the M&A failure trend. The solution provides a positive and seamless employee onboarding experience that ensures the success of an M&A transaction.

  • Onboard: Address all administrative and compliance tasks associated with a high volume of new hires in a short timeframe
  • Engage: Introduce new hires to the new organization and culture, reassure and guide them through the transition and ensure they are ready to be productive in their new role
  • Retain: Measurably improve the retention of senior leadership, key talent and company knowledge


Successful Onboarding, Successful M&A


Smooth Administration

Offer letter
Policy acknowledgement
Employment forms

High Energy Engagement

Change management
Introduction of culture and values
Clarification of company direction
Role/company structure clarification
Fast time-to-productivity

Strong Retention and ROI

Engagement of senior leadership and top talent
Maintaining institutional knowledge
Higher investment returns, lower risk

Ensure Talent Stays for Successful Mergers and Acquisitions

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