Onboarding Forms Management

When it comes to onboarding forms management, how should you evaluate various vendors?

  • Look for vendors who offers a large library of Federal, State, Local employment forms, to cover locations wherever you do business
  • Does vendor ensure that all onboarding documents are pre-populated with employee data, and can be completed and routed online?
  • Does the vendor offer an eForms creator to make it easy to create custom forms
  • Does vendor enable and support electronic signature of forms?

Take a Closer Look

Are forms just collected and emailed as attachments? This is less than ideal and uses email as the automation platform.

Must forms be completed offline, scanned and returned via email? This is not true eForm capability.

Does the vendor include a forms library pre-filled with all of the standard forms used by Federal, State and Local governments (and Countries) where you do business. This will save you a lot of time.

Does the vendor require your new hires to print, sign, scan, and email any non-standard onboarding documents?

Onboarding forms management is more than just filling out and collecting paperwork. It creates a way to truly automate the onboarding experience to make onboarding simple and intuitive, for both the new employee and HR. Understanding what to look for in a vendor will help you know what to expect, and will ensure you get the features you need.