Onboarding Engagement

Engagement accounts for 90% of all onboarding success.

Engagement Requires Flexibility, Adaptability, Scalability

What’s wrong with one-size-fits-all? Workforces are not all the same. A modern workforce consists of a range of job roles, levels of experience, leadership, and status. Multi-national organizations must hire and onboard in regions with multiple languages, compliance requirements, and work agreements. An onboarding system should be able to easily adapt to all of these workforce categories.

  • New Hire Engagement is an essential component of a truly strategic onboarding approach
  • Engagement consists of meaningful connections between new hires and their role, their team, and the company culture as a whole
  • Engagement must involve managers in the new hire experience


Engagement Adapts to Your Unique Workforce Characteristics

  • Does the onboarding technology vendor offer the ability to tailor workflow and content by employee title, type, role, location, experience level?
  • Can the onboarding system deliver a unique and highly personalized experience for every employee based on those characteristics?
  • Will the system be able to involve and engage your managers in the new hire process? Manager engagement will make or break the new hire experience.

Take a Closer Look

At vendors who confine new hire engagement to the creation of tasks and entrust the new hire with the responsibility to make contacts with individuals.

Does the solution only provide a one-size-fits-all offer letter module?

Does it allow you to tailor content by role, compensation level, location and other criteria?

Can you use dynamic content to personalize the letter?

Does the solution provide full automation of administrative tasks such as drafting, approval, revision/negotiation and signature?

Are all fields and categories for workers pre-defined?

Engagement Starts Early with Offer Letters

  • Look for onboarding solutions that have automated integration with your ATS.
  • Look for onboarding solutions that include a way to personalize and deliver offer letters quickly and easily.
  • Can the vendor automate the creation, delivery, and management of new hire offer letters at enterprise scale?
  • Will the offer letter allow personalization with dynamic and engaging offers?
  • Will it automate administrative tasks?