Strategic Onboarding for Contingent Workers

Help Gig Workers Learn the Ropes to Succeed

As companies discover the huge benefits in using contingent workers, a realization has also emerged. This extension of your team will perform best by learning the organization and having access to key tools, like a new hire. Contract workers deliver the best quality when prepared with a strong understanding of culture, key processes, important resources and even access to technology.


Prepare Contingent Workers with Onboarding

With SilkRoad Strategic Onboarding for Contingent Workers, you can create a personalized onboarding experience customized to whatever role a contract worker is serving. The solution provides a positive and seamless experience that can be expanded for new responsibilities and offers repeatability for additional contingent workers.


Address all administrative and compliance tasks required for onboarding contract workers


Introduce workers to the organization and culture, ensuring high productivity and strong partnership with your team


Help contingent workers successfully deliver results, creating organization approval and increasing contractor pride

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