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5 HR Talent Trends for 2017

By Amber Hyatt SilkRoad recently published its “2017 State of Talent” report examining more than 1,300 responses to surveys targeting HR professionals. The report forecasts the top talent trends for 2017, and a consistent theme emerged: the growing practice of moving beyond traditional talent m...

Undercover Recruiter (State of Talent)

By Amber Hyatt As HR leaders look to 2017 and beyond, a key question has emerged: How can HR teams and their organizations better enable their workforce to provide a substantial, competitive business advantage? Read the full article

Here’s What’s Keeping You Up At Night

By Amber Hyatt From concerns about how to motivate employees to meet company goals to worries over how to gain a “big picture” of company talent through data and analytics, a host of work-related issues haunted HR professionals in 2016, according to SilkRoad’s latest “What Keeps HR Up At Ni...

Should You Hire a 'Boomerang' Employee?

When an employee resigns, most bosses would assume that they won't see or hear much from that person again, even if they're still on friendly professional terms. So most of them might be surprised to find that someone who voluntarily left their company is coming back for that new job opening. While...

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