Interview with Amber Hyatt, VP, Product Marketing at SilkRoad

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HR Technologist – Nov 14, 2017

by Ishani Banerjee

Read Amber Hyatt, VP, Product Marketing at SilkRoad, the strategic onboarding platform explain why traditional methods of talent management cannot address HR needs of enhancing employee potential anymore. She elaborates on customer pain points like ensuring onboarded employees align to new workspaces and not take time to get productive. She also talks about SilkRoad’s partnerships like with Microsoft to offer clients streamlined talent acquisition, onboarding, and development processes, and highlights their strategic onboarding product to enable organizations to deliver personalized journeys for employees with on-demand apps just like a brand would do for CX. Amber is passionate about helping organizations attract, engage, and retain top talent. She is a trusted advisor, who works cross-functionally to develop and execute communication strategies that advance corporate objectives

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