Employee Engagement and Strategic Onboarding for Manufacturing Firms

Helping manufacturers stay competitive by onboarding and retaining a muti-talented, multi-skilled workforce

Manufacturers today face swift economic shifts and rapidly expanding competition from developing countries. To succeed, innovation remains a core strategy. Companies also continue to expand their use of technology, which plays a powerful role in profitability, efficiency and quality.

For HR professionals in manufacturing, this translates into finding technically skilled workers that fit into an agile, highly demanding environment. Retaining them also requires special attention throughout onboarding and their entire company journey.

To solve these unique challenges, it’s time to take advantage of today’s fresh approaches and modern HR technology.

Here’s everything you need to get started: finding top talent, onboarding processes, employee engagement, blended learning, social recruiting and more.

Find skilled talent

For that special blend of technical aptitude and flexibility, you need to target the right sources. This resource shows where to look.Top Sources of Hire reports on what delivers the best interviews and hires based on the applicant tracking systems (ATS) of 1,200 organizations.

Tenneco created a bigger candidate pool while saving $200,000
Tenneco Case Study


Retaining New Hires

Whew, you successfully hired a star performer. But blending into a demanding manufacturing environment is not easy. Do you have a plan for activation and integration? For ideas that retain new hires, check out the Ultimate Guide to Onboarding.

  • Practical tips—what employees want, generational differences
  • Checklist—how to link motivation and performance
  • Case studies—showing challenges to results

Unisys increased new hire satisfaction through engaging onboarding
Unisys Case Study


Develop Skills, Develop Safety

With the rapid changes in technology, employee development and tracking compliance requirements (ISO, SME, OSHA and more) are no small tasks. Then there’s safety, especially since the manufacturing injury rate is 15% higher than other industries. Luckily, today’s learning technology can help you inspire personal growth and safety.

International Paper created courses faster and documented knowledge
International Paper Case Study


 Energize Performance Management

In a fast-moving situation, how do you provide feedback that energizes employees? For a breath of fresh air, try an employee-focused performance management program.

TPC Group improved employee satisfaction with performance management
TPC Group Case Study


 Attracting and Keeping Those Elusive Millennials

Millennials enjoy an agile environment. But your current programs may need to evolve to connect with them. In this brief eBook, 5 Secrets to Retaining Millennials, you’ll discover how to change your mentor program, rethink training and optimize technology.

Van Andel attracted superstar candidates
Van Andel Case Study

Discover Talent Activation for Manufacturing Firms

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